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Sewing Help
pattern tips fitting tips sewing tips how to do stuff
machine help fabric help on-line lessons more info
Newest Links



buttons, holes, snaps

sewing dictionaries

Pattern Tips

pattern help pattern drafting pattern altering pattern terms
Pattern Help

stop are you sure that pattern will work? - Threads

pattern report card - from above article - Threads

to judge a pattern, start with it’s cover - Threads

choose the correct pattern size - Threads

pattern layouts - Threads

cutting out - Threads

the merits of a basic fitting pattern - Threads


how to lay out pattern pieces - Ehow

using multi sized patterns - Get Creative

what is seam allowance - Simplicity

Pattern Drafting
drafting a basic bodice pattern - Briana

leena's pattern drafting lessons - Leena.com


making a jacket lining pattern - Unique Techniques PDF

modern pattern design (online book written in 1942) - Vintage Sewing

basic pattern drafting - The Renaissance Tailor

draft a skirt - Fashion Era

draft a strait skirt - Textile Creation Club archived

draft a straight blouse without bust dart - Textile Creation Club archived

draft a collar - Textile Creation Club archived

Pattern Altering

how to install elastic waist inserts - Get Creative Show


robe pattern from t-shirt pattern - Craft and Fabric Links

convert a basic pant pattern to pleated pants - Unique Techniques PDF

pleated and darted pants - how to change one to another - Silhouette Patterns

Pattern Terminology

pattern symbols - Kate's Pages

fashion glossary - Dress King


seam allowance - Simplicity

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Fitting Tips

measurements ease charts pattern adjustments trial fitting everything else


taking measurements - Kate's Pages

how to measure up - Threads

clone yourself a fitting assistant - Threads

the crocois family - Threads


personal body measurement chart - Butterick (archived)


measurements for fitting pants New Mexico Extention Service PDF

check your pattern for proper fit - New Mexico State University

Ease Charts
ease chart for wovens - Butterick

measurements you need to check a pattern's ease - Threads


vintage pattern sizes - Kate's Pages

general ease chart - Sewing Pattern Software

Pattern Adjustments
broad back pattern adjustment - Threads

dowager's hump pattern adjustment - Threads

adjustments for a better fitting t-shirt - Threads

altering darts - Patterns That Fit You

seam method of pattern alteration - Threads

adjustments for full or thin thighs - Sew News

tapering or widening pants - Threads

pants fitting tips - Lindrix


shoulder adjustments - Sew News

correcting a binding or gaping armhole - Sew News


gaping necklines on knit shirts - Unique Techniques PDF

shoulder savvy - Sew News

darts - what they are and why we need them -adding, sewing and pressing tips - Timmel Fabrics

full bust adjustment - Timmel Fabrics

expanding the middle - Get Creative

making perfect pants - New Mexico State University

pants tips and techniques - Sew News

fitting thighs - Sew News

various pattern adjustments [instructions are brief and drawings are tiny] - New Mexico State University

80 fitting problems - Vintage Sewing

fitting yourself - Sew News

Trial Fitting

pin fitting patterns - Sew News


making a muslin - Alley Cat Scratch

Everything Else
fitting and sewing a bra - Threads (archived)


what to do if the garment is too tight - Threads

PDF 11/21/07

recognizing fitting problems - Sewing.org

understanding fit - Silhouette Patterns

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Sewing Tips

buttons zippers pockets darts piping
interfacing facings bias tape bias fabric waistbands
hems straps techniques seams knits
plaids and stripes hand stitching machine stitching shortcuts dictionaries


Buttons, Button Holes and Fasteners

sewing buttons - Fabricland

how to sew on a button - Ehow

sewing on a button - Vintage Sewing

choosing the right button - Fabricland West


sewing a button with a thread shank - savvy Seams


how to make a fabric covered button - Craft Pudding Blog

Button Holes
hand worked button holes - Sewing.org - archived

hand worked button hole - Pattern Master PDF

manual machine button hole - Thru Hiker

placement, length, marking, sewing, measuring the button
button holes - Sew News

button hole size, placement, cutting - New Mexico State University

bungled buttonholes - Threads


removing button hole stitching - Threads


button hole tutorial - Purlbee

buttonholes are our friends - Indietutes.blogspot

most important buttonhole - sewmoreforu archived

handstitched buttonhole - Craft Stylish

marking and sewing button holes - Sewing.about

embelished button holes - Creative Needle Mag archived

buttons and button holes - I Sew

fleece buttonholes - Fabricland West archived

Other Fasteners
making frog closures - Mary Hunt

snappy snaps - Fabric Land

how to sew on snaps - EHow


hand done eyelet holes - The Renaissance Tailor archived

making a frog button - EZ Fit


attatching a magnetic snap - Craft Apple


all about zippers - Fabricland


zippers made easy basics - New Mexico state University PDF

sewing in a zipper (centered, lapped, invisible) - Threads

Fly Zippers

inserting a zipper in a fly opening (video) - Threads

inserting zipper in pants: fly front with extended facings - Sew Knit

how to do a mock fly zipper - Mama Fitzz

Invisible Zippers

how to install an invisible zipper (video) - Sewing.com

invisible zipper tutorial - Sewing.org

sewing invisible zipper - The Sewing Divas

Lapped Zippers

a lapped application zipper - Sewing.about

Center Zippers

a centered zipper - Sewing.about

how to sew a zipper - Sew Stitch Learn

Separating Zippers

sewing a separating zipper - Sewing Business

Patch Pockets

patch pockets - mitered corners/gathered rounded corners - New Mexico Extention Service PDF


lined rounded pocket - Indietutes

the secret to perfect patch pockets - Elegant Musings

how to sew a patch pocket to the inside a purse - Fat Orange Cat

lined patch pockets with facings - Sew a Straight Line

how to make a self lined pocket - Love to Sew

lined patch pocket - any shape - ikatbag

sewing on a patch pocket - video - ehow

Flaps for Patch Pockets

pockets with flaps - Sew a Straight Line

how to make a flap on a patch pocket video - Ehow

Welt Pockets

how to sew a single welt pocket - Fashion Incubator

how to sew a welt pocket opening video - Bordado Persona Lizado

how to sew a welted pocket video - Sew Cheeky

welt pockets video - Kaylas Cloth Kits

adding a zipper to a welt pocket opening - Creative Little Daisy

bound welt pockets - Sew a Straight Line

Inset Pockets

side slant pocket - Very Purple Person

front hip pockets - Sew a Straight Line

how to make an inset pocket - Craft Stylish

Inseam Pockets

inseam pockets video series - Ehow

stitching all-in-one inseam pockets - Dummies

how to sew an integrated inseam pocket - Wiki How

inseam pockets - Sew a Straight Line


darts (marking, sewing, pressing) - Sewing.org

darts - how to sew them and what's their purpose anyway - Timmel Fabrics

applying piping - Sewing About

perfect piping - Timmel Fabrics


interfacings - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

in's and outs of interfacing - Fabricland

back to basics - interfacing - Sew News

selecting interfacings and linings - New Mexico State University PDF

interfacing chart - Fabric Land


facings made easy - New Mexico State University

facing and understitching lesson - Kate's Pages

neck facings - The Renaissanse Tailor

Bias Tape
what is bias tape - Simplicity

how to make bias strips - Nancy's Notions

making your own bias tape - Savvy Seems

installing bias binding - Sewing.org

making and installing bias binding and piping - Alternative Windows

applying double fold bias tape - Wrights

applying single fold bias tape - Wrights

Bias Cut Fabric
Bias 101: Master the tricks of sewing bias-cut garments - Threads

waistbands made easy - New Mexico State University

the truth about waistlines - Get Creative

hems at the end! - Kate's Pages

hand hemming - Vintage Sewing

hems - New Mexico State University PDF


Various Sewing Techniques
notched collar basics - Sew News

attatching ribbing - Craft and Fabric Links

conquering inset corners - Threads - video

sleeve plackets and bands - New Mexico State University

sewing collars - New Mexico State University

sewing sleeves - New Mexico State University

sewing a shirt tail hem - Mary's Productions


making fabric cording - Savvy Seams

gores, gussets, inserts - The Renaissanse Tailor

Finishing Seams
edge stitch, pinking shears, zigzag, overcast, clean finish, bound, hong kong
seam finishes - University of Nebraska

turned edges, zig zag, pinking
basic seam types - Kate's Pages

turned in, fell, french, french fell, french fold, roll seam, whip seam, open bound, closed bound, flat bound, stay seam, single stitch, double stitched, broad stitched, strap, welt, single + double stitch french welt, lap, overlap, fold lap, plain slot, stayed slot, overslot, false slot
Vintage Sewing

flat fell and french seams
seam finishes - Kate's Pages

flat fell seams
Get Creative
Islander Sewing PDF

Grading Seams
how to grade a seam - Sewing.about

how-to grade a seam - Fiber Images

What is the correct way to grade a seam allowance? - Sew News

Puckered Seams
how to avoid puckered seams when sewing - e-how.com

Sewing with Knits
knit fabrics - Denver Fabrics

sewing with knit fabric - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

sewing with knits - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

primer on sewing knits - Threads

knit-ty gritty - Sew news

sewing on knits - Timmel Fabrics

adding ribbing or self binding to neck line - clear instructions - Timmel Fabrics


Sewing with Plaids and Stripes
sewing with stripes - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

sewing with plaids - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

working with plaids- Sewing.org archived

Success with plaids and stripes - Fabrics.net

sewing with plaid fabrics - Timmel Fabrics


Hand Stitching
back stitch, oversewing, running, slip, tacking
stitches - Alternative Windows

running, back, prick stitch, slip, catch, blind
hand stitching techniques - Sewing.org

basting, back, half back stitching, running, running and back, overcast, overhanding, gathering, double gather, shirring, scalloped edge, smocking, blind, whip, darning, lots of other neat stuff!
1893—School Needlework (on-line book) - Vintage Sewing

hem, catch, feather, chain, outline, blanket, embroidery knots
1893—School Needlework (on-line book) - Vintage Sewing

back , pick stitch, basting, chain, cross, fagotting, feather, hemming, padding, running, slip, tailor tack, whip
hand sewing stitches - Fiber Images


Machine Stitching

stay stitching - Sew News

top stitching - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

gathering - Get Creative


basting, stitch in the ditch, gathering, under stitching, stay stitching - Sewing.org

stay stitching - Denver Fabrics

stay stitch a shawl collar - Dress Shop

top stitching - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

Sewing Tips and Shortcuts
sewing ups and downs - University of Nebraska - temp unavailable

Tips we've collected over the years - Milwaukee Chapter ~ American Sewing Guild

20 ways to improve your sewing - Threads

Easy Ways to Acheive Precision in your Sewing (cutting, marking, guiding, start and ending stems) - Threads PDF

sewing guide lines - Sewing.org

tips for making a down coat - New Mexico State University

viewer's hints- Sewing with Nancy

sewing shortcuts - New Mexico State University

sewing shortcuts are boon to seamstresses short on time! - Fabrics.net

optimize sewing time - Patterns that Fit You


sewing tips - Got Fabric

recycling - Sew News

great sewing notions hide in the oddest places - Sew News


Sewing Dictionaries
glossary of sewing terms - Kate's pages

sewing dictionary - Sewing.com

curtain terminology - Fabricland West archived

sewing glossery - Express Sew archived

sewing dictionary - Sewing Web


sewing dictionary - isew

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zippers checked on 10/21/10
sewing dictionaries checked on 06/16/10
hems checked on 03/17/08
button, buttonhole and snaps section checked 06/16/10
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How to do Stuff

sewing instructions jean alterations clothing alterations sewing from ready to wear
mending how to use your equipment how to flatter your figure miscellaneous tips


Sewing Instructions

sewing rib cuffs on underwear - Sewing Lingerie

making a buttoned down pant vent - Sew News archived 


how to sew perfect T-shirt - Timmel Fabrics

T is for T-shirt - New Mexico State Universtiy PDF

make peek a boo cuffs for kid's jackets - Get Creative Show


how to make a tuxedo bib - Threadbanger Blog

how to bind your quilt - A Day in the Life of the Christensons Blog

How Alter Your Blue Jeans

hemming jeans - Canadian Crafter Blog

how to hem jeans - Dacia Ray Blog

hemming jeans like a pro - Sketchee Blog

how to make bell bottom pants - Diyfashion About.com

embroidered jean bottoms - Making Friends

trim your jean bottom - Express Sew archived 

how to convert jeans into maternity jeans - Sew Chic Blog

Clothing Alterations
altering necklines - Laura's Sewing Studio

add a decorative patch - Sew News archived 


adapting a bra to accomodate a prothesis - Threads


how to put side panels into pants - diyfashion about.com

how to take up trousers - Planet June Blog

hemming pants - Diyfashion About.com

how to put a side slit in a skirt - about.com

how to sew a ruffle on a sock - Bless your Family Blog

adding a materinity panel to a skirt or pants - The Palmer Pages

converting a regular bra into a Nursing Bra - Jan Andrea at home on the web

Sewing From Ready to Wear- Using them as a Pattern

ten minute drawstring pants - Made by Petchy Blog

diaper, pants and hat from a knit shirt - Diaper Swapers Forum

fitted diaper on the cheap - Dianna's Jounal Blog

easy kid's pants from a t-shirt - Rookie Moms

how to make a baby romper from a t-shirt - Wiki How

baby tube socks from an old sweater - Scarlet and Cinnamon Blog

ladies underwear - kbwinson on Photo Bucket

hoodie using a t-shirt as a pattern - stylist on Team Sugar



how to sew up a hole in jeans - Instructables

mending jeans with an inside patch - Sewingweb

a heart shaped patch for jeans - Koala Brains Blog

patching the knees of pants Simple Green and Frugal CO OP Blog

mending a hole from underneath - Hadley Gets Crafty Blog

mending a ripped seam - DIY Fashion About.com

replacing a jeans zipper - Sewing About.com

repair a broken zipper - DIY Fashion About.com

how to replace a broken zippper - Threads

how to replace a drawstring - DIY Fashion About.com

how to repair a blind hem of a skirt - Craftzine Blog

how to fix a belt loop on jeans - Craft Stylish

how to darn a sock or blanket - Craftzine Blog

how to darn a sock with yarn - Zig Zag Stitch Blog

how to patch a hole in a sweater with crochet - Craft Stylish

hand reparing a frayed buttonhole - Ehow

how to rip out a seam - Purlbee Blog

how to mend a torn sheet - Craftzine Blog

how to repair a torn chair - Craftzine Blog

How to Use your Equipment

using a rotary cutter - Sewing Web

using a needle threader - Sewing About


two for one: using your double needles - Sewing.org archived 

twin needles and twice the inspiration - Timmel fabrics

bobbin basics - Thru Hiker

how to wind a sewing machine bobbin - Ehow

threading the needle - Sew 2 Go

how to use the stitch length setting on a sewing machine - Ehow


how to use a fasturn - Craft Stylish

how to use a loop turner - Craft Stylish

using a hemming foot - Jan Andrea at home on the web

How to Flatter Your Figure

fashion feasability (pattern selection by figure type) - New Mexico State University

pattern selection - chapter 4, lesson 9 - Vintage Sewing

determining personal colors - New Mexico State Universitiy

clothing can create an optical illusion - good or bad! - Fabrics.net


color and fabric to slenderize - University of Nebraska - University of Nebraska archived 

analyzing color in your wardrobe - University of Nebraska archived 

design lines to slenderize - University of Nebraska archived 

Miscellaneous Tips and Whatever!
how to darn a sock - Ehow

how to fix Barbie's frizzy hair and get a great looking doll - Karin

how to make an emergeny sewing kit - Ehow

how to make two toned zippers - Get Creative

Lord of the Rings costume making tips - Alley Cat Scratch


printable mini stuff for your dollhouse or barbi (like furniture, rugs, etc) - Print Mini


how to shorten a zipper - Denver Fabrics

easiest way to learn to make clothes - Barbara Frankon Online Blog

kids shoe size ruler - Kids Shoes

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Machine Help

sewing machine help needles and thread machine parts and manuals


Sewing Machine Help

pre-panic checklist - Lydia

the ultimate fault finder - Sussex Sewing Machines

do it your self maintenance - Sew News archived

sewing machine maintenance - New Mexico State University

check list of common machine troubles - New Mexico State University

troubleshooting problems - Ultimate Sew and Vac

sewing machine check up - Sew News archived

how to clean a sewing machine - Ehow


maintenance & repair help - Sew USA

common machine problems - Sew to GO

thread tension - Thru Hiker


persistent thread breaking - Start Sewing

tips on buying a new sewing machine - quilt.com

common machine troubles - New Mexico State University

understanding tension - Threads

Needles and Thread
what you ought to know about sewing machine needles - University of Nebraska archived

how to choose a needle for machine sewing - Ehow

selecting machine needles - Get Creative

selecting the right needle for the job - Fabricland

needle know how - Sew News archived

machine needle know how - Threads

threads and needles (hand and and machine needles) - Sewing.org archived

how to choose a sewing thread - Ehow


fabric thread and needle chart - Craft and Fabric Links

a guide to sewing machine needle selection - Denver Fabrics

selecting sewing machine needles - Denver Fabrics


how do you know if you are using the right needle - All Free Crafts

hand sewing needles (with needle images) - Fiber Images

types of hand needles (with needle images) - Dritz PDF

types of pins (has pin images) - Dritz PDF

machine needles (with needle images) - Dritz PDF

Where to get machine parts and manuals
Ultimate Sew and Vac - parts and manuals for many brands

Singer Sewing Machine - Singer Machines, Parts, Maunals and Notions

A-1 Sewing Machine Repair Specialists - Parts for many brands

Allbrands.com - machine manuals, machines, accessories, etc.

This section has been checked for dead links on 04-06-09

Fabric Help

pressing fabric burn tests how much fabric fabric terms other stuff



pressing methods - University of Nebraska archived, pictures are broken links but text is fine

pressing thoughts - Sew News archived

pressing pointers - New Mexico State University PDF

Fabric Burn Tests
how to determine fabric content by using the burn test - Lindrix

how to do a "burn test" for textile identification - Caitlin

fiber ID - Sew News archived

fabric identification - Fabrics.net

burn test #021 - Northwest Territory Alliance Patternmaster PDF

How much fabric do I need?
fabric conversion chart - Patterns that Fit You

fabric width conversion chart - Butterick

fabric yardage requirements - Get Creative Show

Fabric Terms Defined
all about fabric - Fabriclink

fabric glossary - Regal Fabrics

natural fibers - Fabrics.net

man made fabrics - Fabrics.net

How man made fabrics are made - Fabrics.net
- my warped summary of what they say -
Petroleum based chemicals in a liquid state are squished through a device to form a stringy liquid similar to airplane glue. (probably smells like it too! It is probably deoderized somewhere along the way) When this goo dries it becomes a filiment that is formed into a type or yarn then it is made into fabric. Yum, solidified motor oil! Could be why I am allergic to all synthetic fibers.

Other Stuff
understanding grain - Threads

how to store fabric - Sew News archived

This section has been checked for dead links on 04-06-09

On-line Lessons

applique bow making crochet cross stitch embroidery
needle lace knitting macrame quilting rag rugs
rug hooking sewing silk ribbon smocking hug your kid!


Quilt Swappers - lessons


Sewing Machine Applique - New Mexico State University

Bow Making


Bow Making Instructions - Elegance in Bloom

Ribbon How To's - Offray

Making Bows and Rosettes - Alternative Windows

How to Make a Bow - Save on Crafts

Wyld Rose Instructions - wyldwmn


Bev's - crochet lesson links

Cross Stitch

AOK Corral - directions

Learn to Cross Stitch - heart project

Animated demos of stitches

Method of Working Cross Stitch

Embroidery Stitches

Heritage Shoppe - guide to stitches

Embroiderers' Guild - guide to stitches [near bottom of column]

Sharon B's - collection of stitches

Annimated demos of stitches

Vintage sewing - embroidery lessons

Needle Lace

Heritage Shoppe - guide to stitches


Bev's - knitting lesson links

knitting.About.com - lessons

The Yarn Co - lessons

Vogue Knitting - instructions

Knit World - lessons



Macrame Instructions - Handcrafted by Elaine


Quilt Chat - lessons

Rag Rugs

Rug making tips and articles

Craftown - Rug Braiding

Rug Hooking

Rug Hooking online- basic instructions


Home Sewing Association - lessons

Sewing.About.com - lessons


Begining Sewing - Craft and Fabric Links

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Treads Magazine - Beginner's guide


Ribbon Smyth's Stitch Guide

Creative Needle On-line



Smocking Instructions - Craftantics

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More Info

sewing and fashion history various sewing links

Sewing and Fashion History


a history of denim - Levi Strauss archived

origin of bloomers- Keeping You in Stitches

history of the bra - My First Bra

button history - Historical Boy's Clothing archived

zipper history - cnc group

the invention of VELCRO - about.com

sewing threads - Sussex Sewing Machines

the history of sewing - Sewing Web archived

Various Sewing Sites
Vintage sewing Info - On-line Vintage Sewing Books


Threads magazine on-line

University of Nebraska - Textiles clothing and Design archived


New Mexico State University - Clothing Publication Listing

Rough Sewing - Joy's Basket of notes

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