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Free On-Line Sewing Patterns

Tree image source

Help Tips
Charity Sewing Clothing Recycle Everything Else
Free Pattern Sites Crochet, Embroidery, Quilt, Knit, Etc.
Other Pages On My Site
Sewing Help Page
Pattern Company Page

Charity Sewing
miscarriage-stillborn preemie full term child
hospital & aftercare
walker & wheelchair headwear comfort items

Miscarriage Stillborn


Full Term

fetal demise pouch

burial gown and bonnet PDF pattern
- pattern only

preemie burial gown PDF


angel's pocket

bereavement gowns PDF pattern
- pattern only


burial wrap PDF

boy’s interment outfit

nb/preemie bib PDF
- pattern only

preemie cuddler PDF - archived

positioning snake

nb/preemie booties PDF

10 min booties PDF
- pattern only

30 min booties PDF
- pattern only

preemie kimono for ICU PDF

serger preemie gown PDF pattern - archived

preemie sleeper PDF pattern

preemie shirt PDF
- pattern only


isolette cover

preemie mittens PDF - archived - pattern only


bubble cover archived

preemie gown PDF pattern

extra small boy gown

diaper shirt PDF

hospital shirt PDF pattern

day gown instructions (pattern below)

day gown - pattern PDF


preemie hat PDF pattern

preemie cuddler 2

preemie fleece hat

diaper bag pattern

crib sheets

bib (sm & lg)

baby stuff bag

baby hat

newborn sleeper PDF pattern

nb & preemie bibs PDF
- pattern only

nb/preemie booties PDF


t-shirt diaper PDF

burp cloth PDF
- pattern only

mittens PDF pattern

coats for kids

foster care duffel

child's t-shirt


tote for school supplies




people hand puppet PDF

bear hugs

Hospital & Aftercare

Walker Wheelchair


Comfort Items
adult bibs PDF pattern


brovic top

medical learning doll PDF


surgery doll and gown PDF - archived


adult clothing protector PDF pattern

iv pouch PDF

catheter bag cover

walker caddy - tie on

annie's walker tote

laura's walker bag

wheel chair tote - tie on


wheel chair/walker caddy

wheelchair bag - 4H PDF

reversible fleece beanie hat

chemo cap

chemo bandanna

teen-adult winter hat



head scarf with tails PDF

under scarves

reversible chemo hat PDF

doo rag hat

easy hat PDF

easy hat con't PDF


head covers PDF pattern




fleece beanie PDF

chemo hat PDF

reversible bonnet type cap

comfort pillows PDF - archived

pillow case

fleece wrap

polar fleece slippers


homeless bedroll (ugly quilt)

ugly quilt video - easier to understand than above link

neck coolers

fleece blanket PDF pattern

after surgery neck pillow PDF

bed boots PDF

frog slippers – adult/child PDF pattern

hurricane victim tote bag PDF - archived

Where shall I donate the finished projects?

P2 Designs Charity List

Sewing Charity List

Bev's Country Cottage Charity Links ~ UK, USA, Canada, Australia

Care Wear's Hospital List

Tips on sewing preemie clothes - Fairy Godmothers - archived

Clothing Patterns

There are more clothing patterns in the charity and recycle sections and

sewing using clothing as your pattern on sewing tips page

baby/tot footwear kid's clothing costumes period costumes
tops skirts moccasins - shoes slippers - socks
outerwear underwear head wear hair
aprons hanging around ties misc

Baby/Tot Footwear

Kid's Clothing


Period Costumes

baby footies 0-6 mos


cloth baby shoes 0-6 mos PDF

soft baby shoes 6-9 mos PDF

tot/baby tacky shoes - any size

fleece baby booties archived

bitty botties 0-3 mos - no elastic PDF pattern

mary jane shoes

wool felt booties

baby booties

toddler shoes

soft leather shoes - size 0-12 PDF pattern

baby slippers PDF


18-24 mo sleeveless top PDF pattern

18-24 mo pants PDF pattern

Size 2T dress

apron dress 4-6 PDF pattern

girl's twirly skirt

ruffle skirt

ruffled skirt


angel costume archived

magician costume archived

princess costume archived


bunny ears

cat + mouse ears

dog ears

cape archived

mask - pattern only


wizard hat and cape PDF - archived

kings cape PDF pattern

kings crown PDF pattern

medieval damsel hat

frog, puppy, bunny hood

top hat - cat in the hat PDF - archived


chocolate chip cookie

costume with long flowing sleeves angel, princess, damsel, magician, etc

rectangular cloak.

opera cloak

semi- circle cloak.

a hood

1500's shirt

lady's chemise

Italian chemise

medieval European tunic

biblical era costumes

harem pants/circle skirt Archived


simple gathered skirt


plains shirt

frontier man drop sleeve shirt archived


simple bodice or Corselet

everyday chemise PDF

easy Italian chemise

ribbon shirt

medieval tunic and pants PDF pattern

Thai Fisherman’s Pants

bloomers archived

harem pants

long harem skirt

circle skirt


civilian half gaiters PDF

spatter dashes - half gaiters PDF

full gaiters PDF

jester hat PDF - archived


amtgard tunic PDF

quick and dirty tunic



Moccasins - Shoes

Slippers -Socks

ulimate tank

apron top

off shoulder crop top S/M

shall collar blouse PDF pattern only


gored skirt

drawstring skit

tiered skirt - any size

5 minute skirt

wrap around skirt


soft sole plains moccasins

center seam moccasins

high top moccasins

beginner medieval shoe pattern

shoe insert

shoe submarines


bedroom slippers

summer slippers

furry monster slippers

cozy slippers

fleece booties size 1-11 PDF

fleece socks

Tabi socks construction diagrams (pattern below)

Tabi socks pattern PDF




leather mittens and gloves

fleece mittens - elastic cuff archived



pom pom beanie

fleece beret

neck warmer

neck gaiter

fleece mittens - elastic wrist

fleece mittens


boa scarf

fleece hat

hooded scarf

kids mittens


cotton half slip.


little girls underwear

women's panties

stretchy bra

tot briefs

boys boxers

classic boxers



doo rag hat

bandana with tails PDF


tot fluted hat PDF pattern

tot sun bonnet PDF pattern

eddie cap 4-6 yrs

reversible felt bonnet

prairie bonnet



hair scrunchies


1 more scrunchie

two headbands

hooray headband PDF pattern

10 minute headband

reversible headband

sweet little headband

felt covered barrett

hair curlers

sweet hair tie PDF type pattern

Aprons Hanging Around Ties Misc.

butcher's apron

another butcher's apron archived

quilt block apron


tot chef apron

reversible kid's apron

child's apron PDF

girl's garden party apron

classroom butcher apron

butcher apron with patch pocket

very easy apron

lined apron with pocket

garden tool apron/roll up

1/2 yard apron

quilt block apron


lounging pj's


simple caftan


snuglet PDF


child neck tie 4-7 yrs PDF

feminine tie archived

neck and bow tie archived

bow tie pattern below

bow tie pattern PDF pattern


ribbon bow tie

men's tie PDF pattern

little boy's tie PDF pattern


haramaki belly warmers


toddler belt

Recycle Section

bandana jeans t-shirt sweats
bath towels dish towels pillowcases sheets/blankets
sweaters socks button shirt misc


Blue Jean



draw string bag

tote bag


kids shorts

child sleeveless top

halter top

tot skirt



draw string pouch

bandana pants


jean skirt- short

jean skirt - long


fitted jean skirt

floor length jean skirt

fiesta skirt

back pockets apron

seat of pants apron

pant leg apron

pan pot holder

pot holder

pocket magnet

pencil and pad holder

dog leash

jean foot warmer

card case

jean cuff wallet

kiddie messenger bag PDF

heart purse

back pocket purse PDF

pocket purse

jean handbag

jean bag

denim tote

pocket purse/bag/ quilt/pillow

yoga mat bag

stuff bucket

water bottle holder


T-shirt underwear

T-shirt diaper PDF


baby yoga pants

shirt dress

t-shirt tutu

t-shirt scarf

grocery bag video

jersy tote bag

picnic blacket/backpack

laced t-shirt


sweats snow pants

sweatshirt jacket

easy sweatshirt jacket


sweat pants neck roll pillow

Bath Towels

Dish Towels


Sheets Blankets
hair wrap towel PDF

wash cloth puppets

towel baby bibs

towel burp cloth


towel toilet seat cover

towel bathrobe

tot towel bath wrap


terry towel cat

boo boo bunny


dish towel angel


kid's dish towel apron

tea towel apron

dish towel library tote

dish towel pot holder


pillowcase skirt - drawstring

pillowcase skirt - elastic

pillowcase skirt with a ruffle bottom

girl's pillowcase dress 1

girl's pillowcase dress 2


super simple quilt

blanket slippers

sheet shopping bag



Button Shirt


sweater leg warmers archived

sweater pillow archived


sweater mittens and hat

sweater mittens


sock arm warmers archived

sock hand warmers archived


sock heating pad


sock sack

sock puppets


shirt pocket place mat archived

shirt clothes pin bag


kid's art smock

child's art smock


sleeve grocery bag holder


pot holder purse


place mat apron

Everything Else
diapers and supplies bibs and burp rags baby stuff kid stuff
animals bears dolls doll clothes
school toys puppets totes
bags purses money organizers
christmas holiday travel food to go
electronic outings car yard
kitchen tea cozies table cloths laundry
bathroom bedroom crib stuff pillows
cushions house crafts fake food
cats dogs pets personal
lady's items wedding sewing pin cushions

Diapers and Supplies

Bibs and Burp Rags

Baby Stuff

Kid Stuff

prefold diaper

prefold diaper

fitted diaper

prefold to fitted

quick soaker PDF pattern

diaper cover PDF pattern

trainers PDF pattern

diaper changing pad

nappy wipes

nappy bag

diaper case

diaper clutch

changing pad clutch


pocket bibs


padded bib

snap bib PDF

smock bib

velcro bib PDF pattern

chenille bib PDF pattern

chenille burp cloth

easy burp cloth PDF pattern

diaper burp cloth

ribbon diaper burp cloth

rag edge burp cloth

shopping cart harness archived


shopping cart cover

swaddle blankie

car seat tent

pacifier clip

bear rattle PDF

baby blocks

baby cube

pleated ring sling

karma baby sling

scandi mei tai sling

mei tai carrier PDF

cd holder archived


kid's felt wallet

lucky charm bag

child's doll pillow

mr tooth - tooth fairy pillow PDF pattern

heart tooth fairy pillow PDF

lost tooth pillow

doll carrier PDF - archived


heart treat purse

felt purse

tooth fairy pillow PDF pattern

tooth fairy envelope

pj bag

clown pj bag

lady bug pj bag

lady bug sleeping bag

crayon roll 1

crayon roll 2

felt crayon roll

art case

pencil toppers

corner stuffed animal sling

Stuffed Animals
Doll Clothes
stuffed dragons PDF pattern - pattern only

frog beanie

zebra instructions (pattern below) PDF - archived

zebra pattern PDF - archived

Christmas mouse PDF pattern - archived

sock monkey

one more sock monkey pattern

sock elephant

greyhound archived

nutmeg bunny PDF pattern - archived

skip the rabbit PDF pattern - archived

carlos the cat PDF pattern - archived

angel kitty

mr cat - pattern only


cuddles the giraffe PDF pattern - archived

germaine giraffe

lilly frog

frog bean bag toy

larry lizard PDF pattern - archived

bed bug

bean bag animals - click download pdf to see pattern PDF pattern - archived


cat bean bag PDF pattern

pointy kitty PDF

chibi kitty and rabbit PDF

ballerina bunny PDF pattern - archived

wee bunny PDF


hopper frog

bean frog PDF pattern

bean bag frog

roland the rat

donkey PDF


humpty dumpty doll archived

lamb PDF

goose PDF pattern


white eye bird

giant octopus

blossom the bear PDF pattern - archived


simple bear - pattern only

tiny bear

bun bun bunny PDF pattern - archived

bonjour bear

tiny angel bear

mohair teddy bear

freemont bear

bear bean bag toy


cabbage patch doll archived

sumo wrestler doll archived

butterfly doll

simple rag doll


amelia rag doll archived

cindy rag doll

sarah rag doll PDF

rag doll body

rag dolls archived

sock babies

hobbit sock doll

braided doll body

yarn doll

another yarn doll

mistletoe doll


Indian girl doll with foxes


mermaid and merman dolls

mini mermaid

tall boy doll

big girl doll

kimono doll

mini doll

bunny man

clown PDF pattern - archived

8" cloth baby doll

barbie doll clothes


doll parasol

fleece 18"doll hat

18" doll dress PDF pattern

15-18" rag doll ballet costume - archived

15" rag doll dress - archived

15-18" raggedy andy outfit - archived

american girl dress

18" doll shoes

doll jacket

captain underpants outfit

School Toys Puppets Totes

messenger bag PDF


notebook cover


kid's messenger bag

vinyl pencil case

pencil case


tic tack toe board

hacky sack ball

bug jugglers archived

gingerbread bean bag archived

smiley face bean bag archived

bean bags


hobby horse

beach balls PDF pattern

juggling balls - pattern only PDF pattern

foot bag patterns

clown bean bag

frog bean bag

racing snail

fabric house

fishing game archived


tot animal hand puppets

fox finger puppet PDF

people puppet PDF

horse puppet PDF pattern - archived


jaguar puppet PDF

lion puppet PDF

another people puppet - head is marked hand on pattern PDF pattern - archived

blue boy puppet archived

chick and bunny puppets


punch and judy


animal finger puppets PDF pattern


teeny tote PDF


simple tote bag

1 hour tote bag

classic tote

simple clasic tote bag

large tote with shoulder strap

apple picking tote


lined tote

Bags Purses Money Organizers

leather puzzle pouch


simple drawstring bag

patchwork drawstring bag

grocery bag

little shopping bag PDF

grocery tote

singlet shopping bag

mama backpack

open pocket pouch

zip lined pouch

lined zippered pouch

little boxy pouch

front zippered pouch

zippered purse

zippered bag

make up bag


lapin little purse

gingham handbag

hand bag

jenny handbag PDF pattern

hobo bag - ringed strap PDF pattern

hobo bag PDF pattern

shoulder bag - button closure

reversible shoulder bag PDF pattern

1 hour bag

evening bag PDF

clutch purse PDF pattern

kwik sew's clutch PDF


zippered wristlet

wrist pouch


checkbook cover PDF pattern


bill fold PDF pattern

lady's wallet PDF pattern

snap wallet

super cool wallet

prettier check book cover

zipper change purse


pencil roll up case


crochet hook roll up

knitting needle case

needle wrap

felt roll up craft organizer

business card keeper PDF

card holder

business card case

portfolio PDF

patchwork basket

quilted fabric basket


stuff bucket

fabric box

pencil and pad cover

Christmas Holiday Travel Food to go

ballet slipper stocking

gingerbread doll

gingerbread man

gingerbread man ornaments

snowman ornaments


santa doll

slim santa


elf boot stocking PDF pattern

bare foot stocking PDF pattern

dog paw stocking PDF pattern

ice skate stocking PDF pattern

stocking PDF pattern

santa and sleigh

mitten ornament

advent pockets

half eaten gingerbread man ornament PDF pattern


monster gift card holder

square tree skirt

felt advent calendar

strawberry ornament


ring of hearts

valentine heart pillow

heart sachets

easter basket liner

stuffed pumpkin


love bird

reusable giftwrap

fabric easter basket

candy corn


tissue pack cover


pocket tissue box cover


tissue holder

garment bag

curling iron caddy PDF


duffle bag

mini duffle bag

shoe bag


pocket tissue holder

travel tissue holder

tissue pack holder

insulated lunch bag


oil cloth lunch bag

tote type lunch bag

can wrap

water bottle carrier


coffee cozy

picnic placemat archived

casserole carrier - square

casserole carrier - round

Electronic Outings Garage - Car Patio - Yard

mp3 case - ipod- 4G PDF pattern

felt mp3 case - ipod- 4G PDF pattern

mp3 case - karma PDF pattern

mini mp3 case - rio karma PDF pattern


monster ipod cover

ipod cozy

ipod case

leather ipod case

ipod nano pod pouch

ipod touch

cell phone case

cell phone pouch

mouse wrist pad

mouse pad cover PDF

remote organizer

cd pocket

tv cover

camera strap cover


sit upon

saxon geteld tent


yoga mat wrap

exercise mat

bike frame bag


fuzzy dice

fuzzy dice - raised dots

steering wheel cover

cable cache PDF pattern

shift boot & seat belt covers

riding mower cover

push mower cover

motorcycle cover


seat belt sleeves

long seat belt covers

bucket seat cover

bucket organizer

tool roll up

car organizer

nifty car organizer

car trash bag


grill cover



hanging windsock

wilderness windsock

Kitchen Tea Cozies Table Cloths Laundry
bottle apron


oven mitt 1 PDF pattern

mug mat

star place mats and napkins PDF

hanging dish towel

mixer cover

blender cover

toaster cover

reversible seat covers archived


dinning chair covers

plactic bag caddy

grocery bag dispenser

plastic bag dispenser

oven mitt 2 PDF pattern oven mitt 3 PDF pattern

oven mitt 4

pot holder oven mitt PDF pattern

scrap hot pad

micky mouse hot pad PDF pattern

pot holders

kitchen towels and pot holders

hot dish carrier

towel topper PDF pattern

napkin rings

napkins and rings PDF

napkin set

appliance covers

egg cozies

owl egg cozies

strawberry jam jar topper


denim place mats archived - PDF

raggedy costers

patched coasters

applique coasters

produce bags


piped tea cozy PDF

tea cozy tips archived

lined tea cozy


tea cozy

cat tea cozy

flowers tea cozy

sunny tea cozy

applique tea cozy


table cloths of any size archived


hemming a table cloth

circular table cloth


lined table cloth video

custom table cloth


clothes pin bag


clothes pin apron

clothes peg bag

clothes pin bag

laundry sack

Bathroom Bedroom Crib Stuff Pillows

tissue box cover - square and rectangular

tissue box cover - square


trash can cover

toilet paper cozy

patchwork shower curtain - no construction diagrams, but seems easy enough PDF

shower curtain

shower cap PDF pattern


bedtime organizer

padded hanger

garment hanger

rectangle bed pillow

easy pillowcase


french seam pillowcase

fitted sheet

fitted sheet

1/2 hour kid's summer quilt

wool blanket

dust ruffle


super simple crib sheets archived


crib rail gaurds

crib bumpers

crib dust ruffle

crib fitted sheet PDF

fitted crib sheets

hooded bunting bag PDF pattern

receiving blanket

baby blanket

satin trim baby blanket PDF

chenille baby blanket

flannel baby blanket


sheep pillow archived

cat shaped pillow PDF pattern


football pillow

basketball pillow PDF pattern

dog bone neck pillow

sun and cloud pillows

heart & stripe ruffled pillow PDF

patch pillow


nursing pillow

nursing pillow cover PDF pattern

handkerchief pocket pillow

zippered decorator pillow PDF

needlework pillow

envelope back pillow cover

pillowcase pillow cover

neck pillow

envelope pillow

4 square pillow velcro closure PDF

Cushions House Crafts Fake Food

box pillow

wicker chair cushion


bean bag chair PDF- archived

another bean bag chair


cat wall hanging


fleece braided rug archived


draft snake

director’s chair cover archived

bear angel pin


cloth envelopes - scroll down


fried eggs & orange slices


pear sachet

strawberries PDF

felt strawberries

tomato slice


bow tie pasta


felted ravioli

fabric fortune cookie

oreo cookie sandwich

animal cookies


chocolate donut

frosted donuts

chinese take out box

Cats Dogs Pets Personal

furry mouse PDF pattern


kitty tunnel

catnip pillow PDF

pillow cube

mouse and his bed

felt mouse

gathered mouse

mouse toy PDF pattern

fishy on a string

patched cat mat

nylon dog collar

dog booties


dog paw stocking PDF pattern - archived

resizable dog coat - archived

fleece dog sweater

dalmatian wool shirt

dalmation quick coat

dalmation warm winter coat

dalmation rain coat

dalmation cooler blanket

dog ball PDF pattern


collar bandana

fabric dog collar

fashion dog collar

dog valentine

dog chew toys PDF pattern

fleece dog rope


hound dog hoodie

piggy in a blanket


bird cage cover

bone place mat & cat fish place mat PDF

braided leash

ferret hammock archived

another hammock PDF

pet bed pillow case


guinea pig bed

donut pet bed

pet pillow PDF pattern

travel pet bowl

collar tag pouch

pet collar

rodent hammock

eye glasses case PDF pattern

watch band


bunny key chain PDF pattern

sleepy time mask

eye pillow

double eye glasses case

glasses case

cooling bandana

neck cooler

pillow heating pad

foot warmer

hand warmers PDF pattern

rice bag foot warmer

feet warmer

Lady's Items Wedding Sewing Pin Cushions

panty liner PDF pattern

cloth pads (regular, extra long, overnight) and panty liner


homemade pads

Adahy's 11 inch pad PDF pattern

Adahy's multi layer pad PDF pattern

Adahy's circle pad PDF pattern

nursing pads


unmentionable pouch




wedding garder

bridal garter

ring pillow

tulle veil

lacey gauzy gift bag


alligator sewing kit

sewing machine cozy

sewing machine cover

needle case

felt needle holder

lady bug needle case PDF

snake fabric weights

scissor case PDF

pin cushion thread catcher bag


sun bonnet pin cushion

easy tomato pin cushion

tomato pin cushion

strawberry pin cushion

carrot pin cushion

felt mouse pin cushion

mouse pin cushion

cactus pin cushion

toadstool pin cushion

toad stool cottage PDF pattern

acorn pin cushion

granny square pin cushion

felt bottle cap pin cushion

tiny bottle cap pin cushion

eyeball bottle cap

mushroom bottle cap pin cushion

lady bug bottle cap

tuna can pin cushion

easy mini pillow pin cushion

pin cushion cuff

pillow top wrist pin cushion

Free Pattern Sites

I can't possibly list all the free patterns out there, so I try to select only the best of them. If you go to the home page of any of patterns that I have listed there will often be a link to free projects. That's how I find many of the patterns I list. If you can't find what you need, try these sites. A lot of the patterns I have on my site came from them.


Nov 2005

Creative Kindness Charity Projects



Fostering Love

Threads of Love

Touching Little Lives

Care Wear

Newborns in Need

Bundles of Love

head coverings
Covering Our Hair


quilts and blankets (knitted, sewn, or crocheted)
Project Linus


list of head covering patterns
Another Family Spot

list of charity doll patterns
Doll Makers Journey

charity patterns, sewn, knitted and crochet
Bev's Country Cottage

Everything Else

Nov 2005

curtains, shades, pillows, cushions, etc
Waverly Curtains archived

mostly extremely strange dolls
Doll Maker's Journey

clothing, aprons, baby things, crafts, dolls, curtains, bed spreads, toys, etc

baby things, bridal, charity, dolls, clothing, sewing organizers, curtains, bedspreads, pillows, purses, kid's stuff, pet stuff, etc

a few home decor and personal items under sewing projects
Exploring Womanhood

craft projects, baby stuff, home decor
(sometimes pictures, if any, are below all instructions)
Craft Bits Collection

quilts, curtains, home decor and crafts
Cranston Village


clothing, bags and home decor
Savvy Seams

aprons, clothing, cushions, kitchen, toys, bags, windows, etc.
Craft and Fabric Links

curtains, pillows, bedding
Fabricland West


My Byrd House Blog

clothes, costumes, household stuff

list of sewing tutorials
Tip Nut

list free patterns
(diapers, baby shoes, purses, lady's things, etc)
Simply Serina Blog

lots of tutorials from around the web
Sew Mama Sew

home patterns
All Free Crafts

sewing projects
Sewing Instructables

kids learn to sew projects
Kids Sewing Projects

primitive style stuffed things
Annies Cupboards

period patterns, most with no instructions
Tudor Links

baby patterns with a wee bit of description of how to make things work. They only have 1-3 pieces, so you'll figure it out.
Simple Baby Clothing

tons of projects
Cut out and Keep

lots of baby stuff
(clothes, sheets, diapers, burp cloths, slings, etc)
Make Baby Stuff

various sewing projects, mostly household stuff
Thrifty Fun

100's Clothing Patterns - men women and children (sizes S-XL, some XXXL patterns)
Modern Sewing Patterns


over 50 bears!! click next page at bottom
Teddy Bear Club Bears archived

877 links to free craft projects
The Golden Thimble

home decor mostly

long list of sewing tutorials from around the web
(baby, aprons, bags, clothes, home, etc)
Everything Your Mama Made Blog

a directory of free patterns, and instructions
(baby, bags, household, clothes, holiday, pet, wedding, etc )
Free Needle

List of sewing tutorials
(aprons, sewing stuff, home, kitchen, totes, baby, purses, christmas, clothes, shoes, pillows, hair, toys, bags, etc)
The Domestic Diva Blog

List of sewing tutorials
(bags, wallets, baby, christmas, toys, dolls, stuffed, office, etc)
Something Special Blog

Another Family Spot

bedding, blinds, curtains, cushions, etc
Alternative Windows

nappy sewing tutorials
Nappies Covered

nappy sewing tutorials, also knit and crochet.
Oz Cloth Nappies

American girl doll patterns
American Girl Play Things

clothing, bags, jewelry, and sewing tips
about.com DIY Fashion

t-shirt surgery
Oh My Stars

women's clothing
Fitz Patterns

baby slings, wraps, nursing shirts, other baby stuff
Jan Andrea at home on the web

links to free diapers and diaper sewing tutorials
Zany Zebra

t-shirt surgery
PCS Cheerleading

Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, Quilts

Bev's free crochet and knitting patterns.
A few are sewn. There are tons of them!


Chez Crochet

Jenny's Free Cross Stitch Pattern Links

Free Quilts

Cranston Village
mostly quilts


Free Quilt Appliqué Patterns

Pattern Bee's Embroidery Patterns

Needle Crafter's Embroidery Patterns

What the Craft Knitting and Crochet

Need Help Finding a Pattern?
  1. On this page:
    click on a category at the top of this page and browse, or just scroll down. All the patterns are on this page.
    Hit the 'Ctrl' key and the 'F' key at the same time
    then enter what you are looking for in the search box
  2. Not here, try these:
    Free Pattern Sites
    for more free patterns

    Pattern Company Sites
  3. Or you could:
    Try a web search

    Be specific:
    Enter 'table cloth free sewing pattern' or 'table cloth sewing tutorial' verses 'free sewing patterns'

Comments, suggestions and pattern requests

Comments,suggestions and pattern requests are no longer available because angelfire deleted the ability to have guestbooks. They also deleted all the contents of these guest books.


Archived Patterns

If the pattern is no longer available on the web, sometimes www.achive.org has them saved on their site. If so, I will link to them via archive. I mark those patterns as archived . During peak times, these pages may be slower to load. If too many people are using archive at one time, the site may not load at all. Archive may ask you to try again later. If for some reason, the pattern site has been deleted from archive, it will say 'not in archive'.

New Patterns

Newest patterns are after dates in red .

PDF Patterns

Some hate PDF files so I marked those with PDF . PDF pages tend to be slower to load, and can hang up your computer, if really slow. If this goes on too long and you can't close the window, or hit stop (to stop it from loading), go into task manager and end the process (firefox, explorer, or netscape). This will probably close all your windows, boo hoo. So if you have windows that you don't want closed, try to be patient and wait for the file to load.

If only the pattern pieces are in PDF, I now mark those PDF pattern . This way, if you have dial up or a slow computer, you can still take a look at the item to see if you might like to make it. If it is something you really want, you can either be very patient to give it time to load, or try to make the pattern pieces yourself. Some patterns are simple shapes such as squares and circles. Sometimes they have a picture of the pattern pieces laid out on fabric or a grid. You can right click, then hit show image, then print that, and increase size if needed. If there is a will there is a way.

If you see a pattern that you like...

Since web sites come and go with the wind, save the website to your own computer by right clicking on it and clicking on 'save as' and save it in someplace like, 'my sewing stuff' (you would have to create a folder called 'my sewing stuff' in a place like 'my documents' first), so you know where it is. If a web site dies so do all the images. If saving the page does not save the images, save the images and pattern pieces, to your computer as well. Some pattern instructions contain many pages. Save those pages as well. When accessing the saved pattern page, you might see 'next' or 'page 2' type of thing. Clicking on this, will try to access the on-line web page. The message 'page not found' will display. If you see this message, Look for page 2 on your computer. Instead of storing the pattern and instructions on your computer, it might be easier to just just print the pattern and instructions. I am not trying to confuse you but I probably have.

You may even want to save this site to your computer because I will not be able to run this site forever. I have not been feeling well. I believe Angelfire would delete my site if not updated in years. In that case, you could find it on www.archive.com.

Need help downloading or making a pattern...

None of these patterns are mine, I just link to them. If you need help putting any of them together or wish to thank the owner of the pattern, look for an e-mail button on the site that the pattern exists. I do not open up new windows (implying outside links) because it can be a real pain to close them all. To avoid hitting the back button all the time, right click on the link, then 'open in a new window'. Since I do not open new windows, you may want to bookmark this page if you don't want to loose it. Tips on printing patterns pieces the correct size - Doll Street University - archived

Dead Links

Until I fix the dead link... you can try entering the dead link into www.archive.org

ARCHIVE saves websites from the past for historical purposes. Cool huh?


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