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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Organizations

National Organizations

Chemical Injury Information Network
Our Toxic Times
P.O. Box 301
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645

"The Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) is a support and advocacy organization dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). It is run by the chemically injured for the benefit of the chemically injured, and focuses primarily on education, credible research into MCS, and the empowerment of the chemically injured."

Chemical Sensitivity Foundation
4 Wren Drive
Topsham, ME 04086

"The primary goal of the Chemical Sensitivity Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, is to raise public awareness about multiple chemical sensitivity. "

"The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation is working to encourage research to further validate the existence of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Such further validation will almost certainly be necessary to stimulate governmental and academic institutions, which have large amounts of research money available, to study a wide range of issues related to chemical sensitivity, including its origins, mechanisms, and most effective treatments. "

Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (HEAL)
The Human Ecologist
P.O. Box 509
Stockbridge, Georgia 30281

"HEAL's purpose is to serve those whose health has been adversely affected by environmental exposures, to provide information to those concerned about the health effects of chemicals, and to alert the general public about the potential dangers of chemicals."

Organizations by State


Southwest Environmental Health Association
Representing the southwest (Arizona, Utah New Mexico)

"We are no longer a regional chapter of H.E.A.L (Human Ecology Action League).

We are here to provide volunteer help, information and support to individuals who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. "

Human Ecology Action League (HEAL) of Southern Arizona
Ecologic News
PO Box 36688
Tucson AZ 85740

"HEALSoAZ has been helping members learn how to cope with MCS since 1983, in addition to educating the public about MCS and the health effects of chemicals. We are a chapter of the Human Ecology Action League and welcome new members. "


North Arkansas Network for the Chemically Injured (NANCI)
5444 Hwy. 125
South,Yellville, AR 72687-8907

"Scattered across the Ozarks of Arkansas is a growing population of individuals who have been injured by one, or a combination of, toxic chemicals. Even at what is generally considered to be sub-toxic levels of these chemicals, their injured bodies can no longer tolerate chemical exposures without experiencing adverse symptoms.."

"The North Arkansas Network for the Chemically Injured is seeking to bring individuals together for support."


Environmental Health Network
P.O. Box 1155
Larkspur, CA 94977-1155

"Mission: Not all barriers are visible and not all disabilities are obvious. Therefore, EHN's focus is on issues of access and developments relating to the health and welfare of the environmentally sensitive.

Our main goal is to promote public awareness of environmental sensitivities and causative factors. We strongly believe people have a right to know that some of the chemicals welcomed into our lives are capable of causing debilitating and disabling illnesses."

Share Care and Prayer
Share, Care, and Prayer
P.O. Box 2080
Frazier Park, CA 93225

"Share, Care and Prayer exists to raise awareness of Environmental Illness, and support those who are ill by encouragement, education, and equipping through prayer, support, training, and advocacy."

Services: Book/Tape Library by mail, Pen Pal Directory, telephone consultations on E.I. Answer Line, Circle of Prayer Day.


Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association
RMEHA Newsletter
181 Sawmill Road
Jamestown, Colorado 80455

"Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association (RMEHA), is a chapter of the Human Ecology Action League (HEAL), which is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) association for all persons and their families and friends, whose lifestyle and/or health has been adversely affected by the environment."

"The Purpose of RMEHA is to:

  • Provide information that will help those with environmental sensitivities develop and maintain good health.
  • Promote greater understanding of the manifestations, causes and treatment of environmental illness.
  • Promote an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance for those with environmental sensitivities where their positive efforts toward health will be supported."


Ecological Health Organization, Inc.
The ECHO and MACI News:
PO Box 8232
Berlin, CT 06037

"Ecological Health Organization, Inc. is a statewide, non-profit, advocacy, support, education and referral organization for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and those who care about its prevention. Founded in 1992, ECHO is one of the first organizations in Connecticut linking environmental issues and public health."


Atlanta HEAL
Atlanta Heal Newsletter
P.O. Box 28116
Atlanta, GA 30358-0116

"An educational and support group for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and other environmental illness."


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Chemical Sensitivity Coalition of Chicago (CFCCC)
Canary Times
PO Box 277
Wilmette, IL 60091

"CFCCC is organized for the purposes of support, education, and advocacy for persons with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and chemical sensitivity. "


Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association
Maryland and Northern Virginia

"The CSDA (Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association) is a national group with many members in Virginia and Maryland. "


Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured, Inc.
MACI Newsletter
P.O. Box 754
Andover, MA 01810

" The Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured is a non-profit statewide support, education, and referral organization for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), others who are sensitive to chemicals in the environment, and those who care about the prevention of chemical injuries."


Environmental Illness Network Minnesota

" Environmental Illness Network Minnesota is a community where environmentally sensitive Minnesotans, and those who care about them, can come together to find less-toxic and less immunologically stressful alternatives."

New York

MCS Advocacy
Rochester, NY

"MCS Advocacy.org was established to provide help to the MCS-disabled community through the following consultation services:
  • physician location
  • SSD, Workers’ Compensation, and other disability insurance procurement
  • Accessibility implementation issues
  • Attorney/Physician/Psychologist liaison for case reviews including correspondence and summary preparation
  • Safe housing issues
  • Day-to-day MCS-related concerns those whose health has been adversely affected by environmental exposures. Education and support are provided, as well as referral and awareness to the chemically sensitive population. Services include legal and medical referrals, networking and education. Contact the group for meeting schedule."

North Carolina

The Chronic Syndrome Support Association, Inc.
The Syndrome Sentinel
801 Riverside Drive
Lumberton, NC 28358-4625

"The Chronic Syndrome Support Association, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. It was founded in 1997 in order to educate the general population and health-care professionals who lack current knowledge of the research being done, and potential research that needs to be done...."

North Carolina Chemical Injury Network
no newsletter
6442 Hwy 42
Bear Creek, NC 27207

"This is a group for persons that relate their injury/illness to chemicals or the environment. The group is open to persons with MCS/CFIDS/Fibromaylgia/Asthma/Porphyria, etc. This is a group for persons living in North Carolina or have a connection to someone who is living there. This is not a support group but more like a coffee shop to share ideas. Anyone is welcome who wants to share their ideas with other persons or support groups."


Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured
no newsletter
P.O. Box 29290
Parma, OH 44129
not sure why they have two sites, but they do.

"The recently chartered Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured (ONFCI) was established to educate the public about the many health risks caused by invisible and involuntary exposures to a multitude of toxic chemicals permeating our environment and contained in the products and foods we use on a daily basis. Further, ONFCI advocates for those temporarily or permanently injured or disabled by these toxic substances."


Texans for Environmental Health
Austin, TX

"The goals of the non-profit are to offer information to those dealing with chemical injury/sensitivity and to educate the public regarding the health risks of chemicals and other toxicants. We also hope our work will promote health and prevent further chemical damage to present and future generations."


Washington State Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Network

This is an internet based group, but many links to MCS related stuff on their website.

Other Countries


Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association (ASEHA)
PO Box 96
Margate, Queensland 4019


"ASEHA (Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association Qld Inc) is a voluntary organisation, it is a self-help support group for people with allergy, food intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome/Fibromyalgia, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder."

Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance Inc
Chemically Injured, Chemically Affected Disabled, Australasia News
309 East Bonville Rd
Bonville NSW 2441 Australia


"The Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance (ACTA) was formed when it was discovered that there was no organization that was dedicated exclusively to providing support for chemically affected people. Members have access to the following services: counseling, advice, referrals to appropriate medical and legal practitioners, and introductions to other members for mutual support. In addition, there is a quarterly newsletter ("Update") and an annual conference. It is a national organization operated by volunteers with State and regional representatives. Some States feature regular social gatherings. ACTA collaborates with similar organizations in the USA, UK, New Zealand and India, and is continually engaged in lobbying government and other groups about the welfare of members."


Ecologic Health Association of British Columbia
EHA newsletter
PO Box 30033
Saanich Centre
Victoria, BC V8X 5E1


"As a non-profit self-help organisation, we strive to raise awareness within the medical community, educational institutions, and the general public to prevent further cases of environmental sensitivity from occurring. The public recognition that results will help people in need to obtain the resources necessary to access safe food, water, housing, and treatment, in order to regain their health. As a self-help group we provide support and education for those who wish to help themselves."

MCS-Canadian Source


"MCS-CanadianSources is a support, information and resource exchange for those living and coping with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Environmental Illness (EI), or Chemical Injury (CI). We also discuss invisible illnesses as they relate to chemical sensitivities, for example: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Asthma, and Allergies. "

Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia
AEHA Quarterly
P.O. Box 31323
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 5Y5


"EHANS provides information and support to people already ill from environmental causes and promotes healthier alternatives to prevent others from becoming ill. "


MCS-League Switzerland
Zurick Switzerland

http://www.mcs-liga.ch/ - translated to English by google

"The goal of our organization, quick recognition of MCS and other environmental diseases through the chemical industry, medicine and social insurance as a chemically induced diseases. We want the suffering psychiatricization of MCS patients and other environmental health (Amalgangeschädigte) in Switzerland to end.

Major overhaul of this page on March 27, 2009

I removed all e-mail address, names, and phone numbers. And updated the addresses to those found on the organization's site. I did this for privacy reasons.

I removed all organizations with dead web addresses or no addresses. I did this because I feel that many MCS sites, inclucing this one, contained many now non existing MCS groups. We have copied them back an forth between our sites. I figure, if they have a working website they are still a valid organization. If a group is valid but has no website, I have no way to validate their information, plus, since not many of us can attend a meeting, a website is more useful to us than an address.

I added the follwoing organizations
  1. Ecologic Health Association of BC
  2. Texans for Environmental Health
  3. CFCC - of Illinios
  4. Washington State MCS Network
  5. North Arkansas Network for the Chemically Injured (NANCI)
  6. MCS Candian Source
  7. MCS-League Switzerland

    If you need me to add your MCS Organization or update info, please let me know.

    [checked for dead links on 03-26-09, feel free to report any dead links]


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