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For example, during the 1991 Super Bowl weekend, it had about 10 hours of programming on ABC, NBC, and CBS, including two John Madden specials, the Senior Skins golf game, and the World Professional Figure Skating competition.

IMG generally represents the athletes, creates the event, and has TWI produce the television coverage. A typical effort for TWI was their 1990 "Norman Challenge," pitting Wayne Gretzky, Ivan Lendl, and Larry Bird against Greg Norman in a golf game (all four were clients of IMG). TWI bought four hours on CBS, paid production costs, and put up $100,000, for a total investment of $1.5 million.

He realized that stations had trouble obtaining regional sports coverage. His first effort was filming a three-day college basketball tournament in Alaska featuring a North Carolina team. The following year he left the station and, with $5000, started his production company.

Raycom's first break came in 1982 when it acquired the broadcast rights to ACC basketball in partnership Jefferson-Pilot, another Charlotte-based production company. JP Sports handled production and Raycom the marketing and syndication.

Then Raycom acquired the broadcast rights for the Southwest and Big Eight football and basketball games. By 1985 it was the country's biggest sports syndicator.

In 1990 it created its own college football event, the Blockbuster Bowl (later called the CARQUEST Bowl).

And in 1992 it began producing college basketball games for ABC. (See Sports News-Issue 4)

Ray retired as president of Raycom in 1995 after the company was purchased in 1994 by Ellis Communications.