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This page full of pictures is BEST viewed using Firefox or Internet Explorer.
I now know why people write that on their web pages..
it MEANS something. With recent help, I have been shown that different browsers show different things. Gosh, years ago when I did my first web page in 1998, I learned that trying to make a black background for Halloween and it kept showing up white on Netscape !! So, with that in mind, and especially for AOL which seems to be "minimal" on viewing capabilities (sorry), I'd encourage folks who want to see the Mathis pictures as they are sent to me, clear and not fuzzy, please go HERE and download Firefox.
It is very simple, very fast and very nice.

Below are some pictures that you all send from
your various concerts and other events.

Below is a picture of the program covers for the upcoming concert in
Buffalo, NY sent in by Mistied & Mesmerized, thanks, Sherrie.

Here are TCS1981's pictures from the McCallum Theatre concerts
on Feb 2 and 3, 2007, thanks so much.

My Foolish Heart sent these pictures from the recent concerts
at the McCallum Theatre February 2 and 3, 2007. Thanks so much, Sue.

It's JonMar, NotForMeToSay, TCS1981, My Foolish Heart and 12th of Never.

Thanks to Stranger in Paradise for this FANTASTIC picture
of a very young Johnny Mathis.!!!

Morning Side Of The Mountain with John taken backstage
at the Birmingham NEC Arena on September 21, 2006.

Johnny presenting a cheque for 1000 pounds from the
British Johnny Mathis Society to Maria Moseley and
Sue Hickling of the Charity "When You Wish Upon a Star".
The charity grants wishes to terminally ill children. The cheque was
to recognise the 50th anniversary of Johnny as the most romantic
singer of all times.

Mathis Passion sent these pictures from Way, Way back in John's career, but I think they are fun to see. Obviously he was doing something like a Big Show, maybe to troups? Help, NFMTS, and he has that same tux on for one of those Mercury albums. Thanks, Passion for these neat pictures.

Woo2 sent these pictures from the Rosemont Concert December 16,
thanks so much, Woo.

Morning Side of the Mountain sent me some wonderful photos from the UK concerts in September 2006 in England. They were taken by Jeff Walbridge, a member of the British Johnny Mathis Society. We thank both of you very much for sharing these photos.

Here, are pictures from the concert in Atlantic City, NJ, October 27-8.
This first group sent to me by Stranger in Paradise, thanks!!!

Stranger says it was very windy in AC, blew part of the sign down.

This is TCS1981 happy to be at another Mathis concert.

The inside of the auditorium, isn't that gorgeous?

And talk about GORGEOUS, here are some MMMers enjoying the night.
It's Stranger in Paradise, TCS1981, Woo2, K from Pa, JanetLovesJohnny and Jessica.

From TCS, a picture of she and Stranger with Jim Arntz, one of the producers of the PBS show.

The next pics were sent in by Woo2, thanks.

Stranger, K from Pa and Woo2

TCS1981 sent me these wonderful pictures on June 17, 2006 and I apologize
for not getting them up sooner. Thanks, TCS.



Stranger in Paradise sent in the following 6 pictures from the Pittsburgh concert,
July 6&7, 2006. Thanks muchly, Beverly.

"A Certain Smile".....

Mathis Passion sent me this little "gem" last year (sure helps to clean house once in a while).
It was taken from her DVD,'s a kiss for you ladies.

Somewhere sent in the following pictures from the concert March 25, 2006 in Arizona.
More pictures will be coming, thanks so much Chuck and Shi for your help.
It's 4/03 and I now have the pictures up that Somewhere has sent us. I really appreciate the effort
Chuck has made to get us these pictures. Applause, Applause!!! Chuck asks for forgiveness on the clarity
of the pictures as he is now becoming "digitized" for the first time, and these are his first pictures
with his "new toy". He says he will be having more lessons as he goes along. I think that is just great,
Chuck. All of us are learing as we go along and we MMMers appreciate any efforts to spread
the good news about Johnny Mathis. Thanks again, very much.

Somewhere's Shi in the middle with their friends.

Somewhere and his Shi at the Maricopa Center

Pretty straight faced for this funny guy, Gary Muledeer