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Final Exam Review

Add the following fractions and reduce or convert to mixed numbers, if necessary. [10 points]


examreview_files/i0020000.jpg + examreview_files/i0020001.jpg =



examreview_files/i0030000.jpg + examreview_files/i0030001.jpg =



examreview_files/i0040000.jpg + examreview_files/i0040001.jpg =



examreview_files/i0050000.jpg + examreview_files/i0050001.jpg =



examreview_files/i0060000.jpg + examreview_files/i0060001.jpg =


Calculate the following. Please show all work.            [30 points]


What is the percentage change from $5 to $8


What is the percentage change from $10 to $7


What is the percentage change from $40 to $90


What is the percentage change from $50 to $30


What is the percentage change from $25 to $37.50


If the price of a jug of orange juice is reduced from $4 to $2, by what percent is the price reduced?


The Omaha Corporation laid off 15% of its 6,000 employees last month. How many employees were NOT laid off?


A certain credit card company charges examreview_files/i0150000.jpg% interest on the unpaid balance. If Yvonne has an unpaid balance of $700, how much interest will she be charged for one month?


Fidel bought $900 worth of stocks on Monday. On Thursday, he sold these stocks for $600. Excluding commissions, what percent does his loss represent of his original investment?


Jackie started the day with $200 in her pocketbook. She spent 4% of it to buy breakfast, 5% to buy lunch, and 6% to buy dinner. If she didn’t spend any other money that day, how much money did she have left at the end of the day?


There were 15 people at a board meeting. If the ratio of men to women was 3:2, how many women were at the meeting?


At the Leading Edge Corporation. the ratio of clerical workers to executives is 8 to 2. If a total of 90 people work for that corporation, how many are clerical workers?


In 2004 there were 504 crimes committed in the 14th precinct. These crimes involved theft, rape, and drugs in the ratio of 5:2:2. How many crimes involved rape?


Jenny’s pulse rate is 18 beats every 15 seconds. What is her pulse rate in beats per minute?


Meg died and left $400,000 to her 3 children, Juan, Jorge, and Amelia in the ratio of 9:6:5, respectively. How much is Juan’s share?
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Table 1


The monthly sales award is given to the sales associate with the highest weekly average for the month. Who won the award in the month shown in Table 1 above?


Which sales associate made the median number of sales for the month shown in Table 1 above?


What was the average (mean) weekly sales figure for each sales associate in the month shown in Table 1 above?


What was the average (mean) monthly sales figure for these sales associates in the month shown in Table 1 above?


What was the most likely number of weekly sales (mode) for an associate in the month shown in Table 1 above?


A bag contains 100 MMs: 25 white, 24 red, 14 purple, 26 yellow, and 11 green ones. What is the probability of selecting either a yellow or a green MM?                  [2 points]


A can contains 400 mixed nuts: almonds, cashews, and peanuts. If the probability of choosing an almond is examreview_files/i0300000.jpg and the probability of choosing a cashew is examreview_files/i0300001.jpg, how many peanuts are in the can?       [2 points]


A certain triangle has an area of 27 square inches. If its base is 6 inches, what is its height in inches? [2 points]


What is the approximate circumference of a circle whose diameter is 30 inches? [2 points]
Figure 1


What is the perimeter of the polygon (Figure 1) in inches? [2 points]

Subtract these fractions and reduce if necessary.            [10 points]


examreview_files/i0360000.jpgexamreview_files/i0360001.jpg =


examreview_files/i0370000.jpgexamreview_files/i0370001.jpg =


examreview_files/i0380000.jpgexamreview_files/i0380001.jpg =


examreview_files/i0390000.jpgexamreview_files/i0390001.jpg =


examreview_files/i0400000.jpgexamreview_files/i0400001.jpg =

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