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The Heady Poetry Of Craig Macdonald – a.k.a. – MasRogue

Too bad -so sad
You lost – got mad
Evil smile - wink wink
Gone in (3) sixty – blink blink
Lost the girl - lost your pride
You tripped up - damn you lied
Back stabbers - drama queens
Bad company - so it seems
Light brained - heavy heart
Turns out - you weren’t too smart

She…a feather, ethereal…meant for flight
You…earthbound…a wannabe Dark Knight
Your grasp…your reach…too short…too slight
She turns to you…and says good night
You watch as she floats…the feather in the sky
Your feet rooted…a tear in your eye
The truth…painful…you got caught in your lie
Less than a man…could you look her in the eye?
Your plan…your deception…your simple plot
All the scheming…lies…look…you got caught
The door slammed shut…and you’re left with naught
You learn trust…integrity…can’t be bought
Birds of a feather, we fly mile after mile
We live, we love, we dance…and all the while
She laughs, you cry, I shake my head and smile
You sit…bound by your chains…betrayed by your guile

Simple poetry...hardy worthy of a blog I know. Yet if this is but a single candle burning in the dark world of utter bullshit - let it shine. Maybe instead of burying oneself in a book to escape - introspection - looking inward into one's own motivations...and trying to overcome the stupidity of one's actions - THAT is a worthy goal.
My name is Craig Macdonald - I hide not from the world nor do I have others (or allow others) to take up my causes or champion me. I fight my own fights...and I always let the first guy swing first.