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 The Mary Ingles Trail Associates (MITA) will present the 2016 Legacy of Mary Ingles encampment and living history event at Beech Fork State Park, September 16- 18, 2016Each September since 1989, the Mary Ingles Trail Associates have presented a historical encampment based on research of the life of Mary Draper Ingles. This year marks the 261st anniversary of Mary Ingles' odyssey.  In 1755, the Virginia frontier was embroiled in the turmoil of the French and Indian War, and it was also in 1755 that Mary was captured by, and escaped from, Shawnee Indians.  Accompanied by a German woman captive taken only a few weeks earlier than Mary, the two women followed the rivers and traveled nearly 500 miles on foot through the wilderness to reach home. That journey took her through western Virginia.  Please refer to the upcoming events tab for more details!




The author of “Follow the River” as well as many other books, James Alexander Thom accompanied by his wife, Dark Rain Thom, author of “The Shawnee: Kohkumthena's Grandchildren” and “Warrior Woman” are featured guests of the event. 





This years event is September 16-18, 2016 at Beech Fork State Park!



                                    Friday is for schools by reservation only. 

                             Schools can call 304-550-2876  or 304-380-2198

                                     or email

                                                                   for more information.   


Saturday & Sunday are open to the public.   No reservations required

Beech Fork State Park

5601 Long Branch Road

Barboursville WV 25504304-528-5794