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The following page shows some of the pieces I have created. These samples will give you a taste of my inspiration. I hope you will see the passion in my pieces. As a jeweler with many years of industry experience, I am truly doing what I love. Please feel free to contact me with further questions about any of the pieces or designs.

Human Temptations Collection

The Human Temptations Collection is a special project that I created inspired by the Song of Songs. The backs of these pieces are solid
and textured. Here you see the necklace and bracelet from this project.

The Necklace

The necklace is made of two different parts. The front is mobile, articulated, and forged. The necklace include many stones: a big triangular citrine in the very front, two triangular chrysoberyls, four spinels, two square citrines, and one triangular salmon quarts on the clasp. The clasp is entirely of 18K Gold with rivets.

Human Temptations Collection

Here you see the intricate detail of the silver and gold along with some precious stones.

Human Temptations Pendant

The walnut cradles the citrine.

Human Temptations Necklace

This shot of the complete necklace exposes the intricacy of the natural design.

Human Temptations Necklace Side View

The various beautiful stones each capture your eye and lead you to the next intricate part of the necklace.

The Bracelet

Human Tempatations Bracelet

The organic themes are continued in the bracelet.

The Ring

Human Temptations Ring

Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Ring with 9 round, facetted Pink Spinels of about 2.5 mm each

Human Temptations Ring

This angle shows off the intertwined Gold on the Sterling Silver.

Topaz Creations

These creations showcase topaz, believed to ease sadness and anger.

Topaz Earrings

18K Gold Earrings with 10mm Facetted Blue Topaz and Calcedony Drops

Topaz Necklace

Sterling Silver Pendant with 10 mm Facetted  Blue Topaz

Some Further Gold Creations

Gold Pendant with Garnet

18K Gold Pendant with a Red Facetted Garnet (6 mm) and Pink Facetted Sapphire (2.5 mm)

Gold Cuff Links

18K Gold  and Sterling Silver Cuff Links
with a Triangular Calcedony Cabochon (10mm).

Forged & Textured Silver & Gold

Here you see a Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and 14K Bracelet which is forged and textured on every link. Look at the centre to see a Facetted Citrine Drop. In the back the claps is made of 14K Gold and is hidden in a Sterling Silver Nut.

Gold & Silver Forged

This full shot of the bracelet showcases the pendant with citrine.

Forged & Textured Rearview

Here you get a glimpse at the fastening mechanism.

Gold & Silver Forged Clasp

Another shot of the intricate closure.

Gold & Silver Forged Pendant

A shot which exposes the true beauty of the citrine stone.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me for information on any of the pieces shown: