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Do You Play Hockey? -- A Clausewitz, M.D. and Sean's Town Fan Site

Greetings, fellow web-users! Welcome to my site. This site is mainly devoted to Marc/Alba fiction and other Clausewitz, M.D. related fan fiction, but I hope it can become the premier site for information relating to Clausewitz! Even though I am a diehard Marc fan, I don't discriminate against anyone else. So, please, come on in!

Recent News!

1/6/06 -- In the second season finale, Marc finally kisses Alba after the BLANK FOR SPOLIERS!!! I taped the episode, but I've watched it so many times that the tape is kinda scratchy. Does anyone out there have a copy? Send me an e-mail!
1/12/06 -- More news about Clausewitz High! It's definitely happening! Apparently, the show is scheduled to begin filming next summer, and start next fall, 2008!


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