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Personal Helper


Do you often find yourself wondering how you池e going to get all of your duties done in the short hours of the day?

Here is your answer! Try a personal helper!

My name is Amanda Jones and I知 willing to be a personal helper to someone such as you.

I understand how difficult it is to work and not be able to get all your household and personal duties done. I can provide full assistance for you during the work hours of the day, and I知 negotiable when it comes to pay.

I can assist you with your household and personal duties such as laundry, ironing, pet sitting, organizing items, running errands, cleaning a specified room, getting mail, and even house sitting!

My name is Amanda Jones and I have a background in cleaning houses and other service jobs. I知 trustworthy, reliable, I have my own transportation, I知 kind, and I知 young and energetic.

If you are interested in my service you may contact me at: Home phone- 410-442-4666 E mail-


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