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The Maltese Mommy Store


Welcome to the Maltese Mommy Store. Where unconditional love meets maternal nurturing. I am a Maltese Mommy to 3 Maltese babies,  that is how this site began with a little dog named Flurry and my search for information on the Maltese. I have put together the most interesting Maltese information available on the web. This site has links to finding the right Maltese, adoption agency's, rescue groups, breeders, help with choosing the perfect puppy/dog names, Vet health, vaccine schedules, training articles, unique gifts of quality and links to hundreds of sites, the best on the web. You will find our Maltese forum to discuss anything you like from Maltese dogs to everyday life. Enjoy all the information available here at the touch of a mouse or keyboard. Visit us often we are open 24 hours a day.  Home of Maltese Mommy & Me owners forum, Maltese Mommy and Me meetings to spend a day out with your Maltese. We have picnics, nature walks, meet the duckers and a whole lot of fun. If you don't live in our area and would like to start a group simply invite friends on our forum. Membership is free and will remain free, please join us for lively discussion on our forum.



How We Began

Maltese Mommy Store started with a little dog named Flurry. His happy disposition and ability to make us smile won our hearts instantly.

I found myself spoiling him and loving him so much that I really started searching for information on him so that he would be with us for as long as possible.

 Our little mustache man Flurry is where Maltese Mommy started. It took months and months of research to build a site that is both informative and interactive to all Maltese parents. I decided to embellish our site with:


Fun facts, jokes and recipes.


Vet Information

for health issues, understanding what Maltese are prone to, how to recognize symptoms and how to quickly remedy the ailments we can.



to help save all the little homeless Maltese as well as all breeds.

Because every good homeless dog does not belong in heaven, they belong held dear in someone’s heart. I have linked my site to the best Maltese

Web ring

that I could find on the internet. In this way info on individual breeders that may not be listed are just a click away. True stories from Maltese owners so that a person considering a Maltese will understand them.


Maltese Mommy Forum

for people considering a Maltese, new owners with questions, people who would like to form a playgroup (Maltese Mommy & Me) or would like to find a group in their area can communicate and make it happen for them and their fur babies.


Maltese Mommy is the place

To get advise from experienced owners.

Find reputable breeders.

Grooming tips

Rescue groups in your area

Meet people in your area with Maltese dogs

Everyday more info is available at Maltese Mommy’s

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Everything I do is free of charge to the Maltese owner, what has taken me a year, so far, to research everyday is available in just one site. Maltese Mommy is funded entirely through its product sales. Maltese oil paintings, prints and product sales. Please support our work to educate Maltese moms and dads. Without Maltese families there would not be Maltese Mommy’s.

Maltese Mommy Store



The History of the Maltese we love today;

The Maltese dog, a type of small toy spaniel, weighs from 1.4 to 3.2 Kg (3 to 7 lbs.). It has a long silky coat of hair with no undercoat, which is pure white, or cream in color, and hangs evenly down each side from a parting that extends along the center of the back from the nose to the root of the tail. Other characteristics of the animal are a slightly round skull; a black nose; drooping ears generously covered with long hair; very dark, alert-looking eyes; short, straight legs; and a graceful, well-feathered tail. The dog is intelligent and an extremely affectionate pet.

The Maltese descends from one of the most ancient dog breeds to be found in recorded history. It has been estimated that the breed originated around 6,000 B.C., or 8,000 years ago. Although the ancient Greeks and Romans believed the dog originated on the Island of Malta--they called the breed the Melitaie Dog, Melitaie being the ancient name for Malta--there is really no evidence that proves the dog was indigenous to the Island, but rather that the Maltese is descended from a Spitz-type dog bred by the peoples of the area which is now south central Europe. The breed was eventually distributed as an exotic article of trade from the ancient island trading center of Malta, hence the name, and from there migrated by caravans to the farthest reaches of the civilized world, including: the Middle East, Tibet, China, the Philippines, and Japan.

The earliest known representations of Maltese dogs on artifacts found at Fayum, Egypt (600-300 B.C.), suggest that the Maltese was one of the dogs worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. Numerous pictorial representations of the Maltese occur in Greek ceramic art, such as the vases found at Vulci (about 500 B.C.), and the dog is mentioned in the writings of many Greek and Roman philosophers, and other ancient poets and historians, including: Aristotle, Timon, Callimachus, Aelian, Artimidorus, Epaminodus, Martial, Strabo, Pliny the Elder and Saint Clement of Alexandria. Notable ancient owners of Maltese include Roman Emperor Claudius and Publius, Roman governor of Malta.

The Maltese emerged untarnished from the Dark Ages and continued to be recorded as the dog prized by the upper class, aristocrats, statespersons and royalty. The Maltese was even believed to possess medicinal powers of healing--the ailing would place the dog on their stomach or chest for comfort. Because of this practice, and the dogs warm, affectionate nature and small size, which made it easy to hold in ones arms or lap, the Maltese became known as the "Comforter." The dog was particularly popular in England during Elizabethan times (the late 16th century). Two notable owners of Maltese in those times were Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots.


"Maltese," Microsoft® Encarta. Copyright ©1994 Microsoft Corp. Copyright ©1994 Funk & Wagnall's Corporation. "The Complete Maltese," Cutillo, Nicholas. Copyright ©1986 Howell Book House Inc., New York, NY. For more info on the Maltese breed be sure to visit

AMA Maltese Breed Info

Remember dog tags help dogs to find their ways home!

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free


 to Maltese Mommy & Me Fun in the Sun

Siblings and small dogs are always welcome to join in the fun =) Our group is rapidly growing. In the warm weather we will be enjoying time with our Maltese new friends and the warm weather having fun in the sun. In the winter months we will be warm and cozy indoors with puppy massage, spa, toe nail painting, games and more time with our fur babies, friends and fun!  Check the forum for dates and locations.

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A group of Maltese Mommy's who meet up once a month

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A discussion group for Maltese Moms

membership is free! Make friends and have some fun.

membership is free! Make friends and have some fun.

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