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Welcome to Maltese Minuet.

My name is Denise Stec. I raise Maltese in a small town an hour east of Toronto and have puppies available occasionally. We strive and are proud to breed according to the CKC Maltese standard. The pups are raised in our living room and handled with care from birth. They are well adjusted and introduced to visiting family members as well as exposed to different sounds and environments within our home. All of our pups begin house training on paper and outside in nice weather before they leave for their forever homes.

Included in your puppy purchase:

  • Detailed vet check list, microchip implant, first vaccinations, 6 weeks of free pet plan insurance
  • Information, food & toys in a starter gift basket
  • Signed non-breeding contract
  • Guaranteed to be free of life threatening inherited/genetic medical conditions for one year


  • Member of Canadian Kennel Club
  • Kerry Vinson Seminar - Canine Aggression
  • Pat Hastings: Puppy Puzzle Seminar
  • Dr. Jean Dodds Seminar : The Canine Condition

We care about our puppies and love to receive updates. I'm responsible for all placed pups for the life of the dog. I am always available to answer questions and offer advice. I can always be reached at 905-983-8103 or 

Live Simply, Love Generously

Care Deeply and Speak Kindly...