Deaths Possibly Related to Lyme Disease

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Amanda Reese, 25
Kelly Merando, 22
Elaine de Kooning
Charles Ackerson
John Laub, 57
Richard Olney, 71
Carole A. Tegnander, 60
Lauren Faxon Brooks, 57
Mary T. Patten, 59
Ted Kotula
Paul Butler
Samuel Butler
Herbert Von Karajan
Deanice Hinton, 49, Oklahoma
Erwin Lamp, 44, Germany
Trevor Allen Wayne Ligon, 2, Kentucky
Vicki Logan
Angela Amato, 53
Gornell Smith, 71
Denny Griswold
Susan Parrish

Unlinked names.

Rex McClellan, California
Dick Megles, Pennsylvania
Shirley Moore, New Jersey
Barbara Raisch
Eileen Secor, 43, New York
Jim Sazani, 59
Ruth Ann Tobin
Joan Sherman, Pennsylvania
Roberta J Sorbello-Luongo, 62, Massachusett
Barbara Roberts Taylor, Virginia
Emmett Wallace, 81, Connecticut
John Bigham, Pennsylvania
Marilyn Carter, 47, New Jersey
Wendy Cotner, California

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Mathna's father had died of Lyme disease
1989 another Mont- gomery County resident died of Lyme disease.
1990 someone here who died from Lyme disease about three months ago.
The father of Chip Bennett