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Personal Stories of Surviving ALS/Lyme

Dr. David Martz (IV Rocephin)
Kari Mayne (IM Bicillin)
Dave Marr (IV Rocephin, Flagyl & Doxy)
Tom Coffey (IV Rocephin)
Ken Goshorn & Cindy (abx not mentioned)
5 Case reports of ALS/Syphilis (IV Penicillin G)
Case Report, Female, 42, Stabilizes on Rocephin
Case Report, Female, 71, Improves Rocephin
Case Report: Male, 24, Muscle Atrophy, Borreliosis, (IV Rocephin & Doxy)
Account 8man12 at

Medical Papers Relating to ALS/Lyme Disease

A Case Report: Lyme-Related MND
Bb Antibodies & Lyme, 1987
Muscle Wasting & Atrophy in 6 Weeks of Borreliosis!!!
ALS of Syphlitic Origin: 5 Cases
Generalised MND as an Unusual Manifestation of Borrelia B Infection
ALS-like Sequelae in Chronic NeuroBorreliosis
Immunologic Reactivity against Bb in MND
MND Recovery with IV Rocephin & anti-Babesia
Patients with PF of TBE Develop ALS
Kochs Postulates with the Schu Virus
70% of German ALS is TBE Related
PhytoTherapy to Inactivate TBE Viruses
History of Trappers Tea & Current Use of Ledum
Some Antibiotics ACTIVATE TBE Viruses
Borreliae as Antagonists of TBE
TherapyThe El Escorial Diagnostic Criteria
ACAMPROSATE FOR ALS (makes sense!!!)(hope it works!)
Ledum for ALS/TBE
FREE ROCEPHIN IN ALS TRIAL (or placebo if unlucky)

In Memoriam: ALS Lyme Deaths

Pat Pepper, such a positive spirit
Michael Cunningham, Beloved Husband & Father
Luther Conant, his blog, a really funny guy
Kim Wood, much loved
Billy Boesche, dear acct ALSLYME from LymeNet