my uncle johnny

i'm everything you thought you wanted. (ill_be_thatgirl) wrote, @ 2005-07-23 17:29:00

Current mood: shocked

so life decided to suck the big D today.

my mom is dragging me to the movies at franklin mills (feel free to come save me plzzz!) with my last 20 that i need for a pass on monday. retarded much? my favorite uncle (or relative for that matter) on my dad's side died yesterday. my neighbor (who is friends with a few of my dad's sisters) told my mom this morning. hey dad/aunt gerri/someone of fleck relation, thanks for telling us. we love you too. slash you were suppose to die not him. my uncle johnny was so amazing. he was gay and so flambouyant. he had a heart of gold and was a hairdresser and his boyfriend whose name was john was the cutest thing. i havent seen him in about two years cause he was sick, but his boyfriend drove my dad to see me for prom. i didnt know he was sick until prom, but he was supposedly getting better. my dad was close with him because the fam rejected him cause he was gay (which is fucking ridiculous but whatever) and my dad was living with him for a while so he could be with him in the hospital/hospice thing. i'm sad that hes gone and that i didnt get to say goodbye cause he was super awesome. the family (aka the shit and grime of the earth) say he died of lyme disease, which is so sad. he apparently got bit by something on a camping trip with john. r.i.p. uncle johnny - the fleck's lost the one person who made them look even semi-decent. you were amazing and i'll miss you. please keep his boyfriend in your prayers. my family can go fuck themselves.

so i find this out. and then the mail man is coming and i'm like please laguna.. please laguna.. and no laguna. i hope i get it on monday. i don't want my mom to see it yet. she doesnt even know i ordered it. but shit its my money thats paying for it. so she shouldnt say shit to me.