People Who Have Died of Lyme Disease


Michael Cunningham

To Michael Cunningham

who died of Lyme disease on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2001, leaving his loving wife Kim

& four children under seven.

If you have a loved one who has died of a tick-borne illness

and you would like to see them on this page,

you are more than welcome. Please email

Please provide as much information as possible and any page preferences.

This site also links to Memorial Pages made by people's families or friends.

Even, if reading a newspaper, you find an article or Obituary about someone

who has died of a Tick-Borne Illness, please email the contact person so they may be included.

Many but not all of the people on this site have a Tick-Borne Illness

on their death certificate as Cause of Death.

There are, in the Lyme pages, suicides as well.

Dr. Brian Fallon of Columbia University has done a study showing that Lyme disease patients

are much more prone to depression and suicidality than other patients

with similar chronic diseases.

A disease can affect the will to live in the same way it affects joints,

tendons, hearts and eyes. On this basis of reasoning

are Lyme suicides included.

If * is found next to a name,

it means that the link is temporarily down due to site maintenance.

People Who Died of Lyme Disease

Michael Cunningham
Jon Pierre Lavallee, 46
Frank John Ferrigno, 48
C. Gordon Smith, 67
Moonface Bear, 35
James Roderick Mason
Kimberly Carol McEachern, 42
Kathryn H. Brown, 85
Kim Wood, 48
Lynette McKinney, 64
CT Girl, 7 Years Old
Brett Anthony Paul, 31
Joseph F. Lyons
Freida R. Gaultney
Preston H. Longino
Dr. Basil Roebuck
J. Howard Marshall Jr.
Isabella Radestock
Dr. Carole Alton
Martin F. Dumke
Dr. Sterling Edgar Walton
Sue Ellen Helms, 55
Jodi Lynn Swift, 35
Norman Jenkins Ryker Jr.

People Who Have Died of Lyme Disease

Julian B. Backus, 52
Joan Maura Friedenberg, 53
Steve Nelson, 38
George Nijboer
Dr. Stephen Gumport
Ann H. McChesney, 58
Clarissa Tilghman Yost, 95
Piet Van Leer, 82
Thomas W. Hughes, 51
JHopkins Autopsy #26488
JHopkins Autopsy #46758
Michael Hinsberger, 53
John Miskiv
Jonathan Bleefield
Craig Moon, 46
Florence Desillier
Shelli Grossnickle
My Cousin
My Uncle Johnny
Patrick F. Bogdanovich
Darlene Joyce Deyo, 50
Robert Benton Senior
David Frederick Rosenau, 59
Patricia Bauman, 73

These people have no names in the medical abstracts but they, too, died of Lyme disease

3 Polish People
Finland Farmer, 44
Parkinsons Presenting Man, 63
Woman, 67
Texas Man, 69
TBE Virus & Lyme Fatality
Suffolk Farmworker
Guillain-Barre Syndrome Presenting Lyme Fatality
Man, 66, Babesiosis & Lyme
NY/FL Woman
Alzheimer's/Lyme Patient
14 Alzheimer's/Lyme Autopsies
Kuwaiti Woman *
Japanese Woman, 38
Japanese Woman, 36
French Fatality
Borreliosis, Fetal Death *
Finnish Person, 1996*
Baby Died After Birth *
Maternal Lyme, Stillbirth
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