What are the rules here? 1) The Community Rule: Anything done purposely to upset the community of LUElinks, whether here or somewhere else, will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please note: this is not the Anarchy rule, as LlamaGuy will have the final say in all punishments. 2) Don't be an asshat. 3) No invasions. 4) Rules for posting porn: Anyone may be depicted in a non-nude scene No links to websites that contain nude images of anyone under 18, sexual or not Anyone depicted in a sexually explicit scene must be at least 18 No passwords for pay sites 5) The Caldor Rule: This Caldor Rule is saying that you will do if happens, and then not doing it. Loop holes will be shot down. I'm LlamaGuy, I make the rules. At any moment I will retroactively change any of the rules if anyone thinks they found some cute way to get around them. This includes secret topics after the sig. Obscure typos will be disregarded, the text that is typed is what matters. Statements that fall under the Caldor Rule: If this topic gets to 200 posts, I'll donate 50 dollars to LUElinks The third poster in this topic gets my MP3 Player If the White Sox win the World Series, I will eat a sock. Statements that do NOT fall under the Caldor Rule I have three fingers There is a hot picture in this topic The Eagles won the Super Bowl 6) No Warez, Serials or Cracks, or anything under copyright. This only applies to trading directly on the forums, links to other sites are allowed 7) Keep the main forum work safe. If you're going to post something you wouldn't view at work\school, mark it as not work safe (NWS). 8) Don't abuse the tokens If you give a token, you must give a reason, or you will be punished for it, and it will be purged. As such, attempt to be as descriptive as possible when giving tokens. A good idea is to give a link to the offense if there is one. No blank tokens No token trading No retaliation tokens. You cannot give someone a bad token just because they gave you one. Don't give the same token twice Don't spam votes (voting high or low on a certain user or type of link in a short period of time) 9) Do not spam posts or topics. This includes the use of robots or automated programs to bot, on any board, for any reason. 10) Harassment Don't "stalk" a user, by trolling in all their topics, or bugging them on IM or through PMs. If someone is harassing you, post about it on the complaints board, and the mods will take care of it. Questions and Answers I keep getting logged out, what's the problem? There are a few reasons this could be happening. You are only allowed to be logged into LUElinks from 1 computer at a time. If you login at another computer, you will be logged off on the other. If you are not logging in from any other computers, try changing your password - as someone else may be logging into your account without you knowing. Another thing that could cause this is having a bad cookie, to fix this simply login, logout, and login again. If you are using a dial-up ISP, or any other ISP that assigns a dynamic IP address, you will have to login every time you reconnect to your ISP. What are tokens and how do I get them? Tokens are the numerical representation of your board status. Each user has a good token, and bad token, but may purchase more in the Token Shop. You may give either token to another person, and this will increase or decrease the other person's token count. You only have 1 of each token to give, but you may take that token back whenever you want. The Token Shop is a reward for the users who contribute the most links of good quality. When you have enough contribution tokens, you may purchase an item from the Token Shop. The available items are listed in the shop, as are their prices. Contribution tokens are tokens given to you by contributing links to LUElinks. Depending on your link's rating, you may gain or lose contribution tokens. Once a link has 3 or more votes, it will count towards your contribution token total. Links with rating 0-2 will give you -1 token, a rating of 2-5 will give you -0.5 tokens, a rating of 5-8 will give you 0.5 tokens, and a rating of 8-10 will give you 1 contribution tokens. How does the moderation system work? There isn't any user moderation system at this time. Moderators do their best to find people breaking the rules on their own. If you believe that someone is breaking the rules by vote spamming, giving invalid tokens, not following through with a Caldor Rule statement, or disrupting LUElinks in any way, please report them on The Complaints Department What is "Report A Link"? In an effort to clean up LUElinks, a system has been created to clean up links that have problems with them. If you see a link that is dead, a duplicate, has bad categories, or has another major flaw with it, you can click "Report Link", and a moderator will go and fix it, or delete it. How can I change my signature and other settings? You can go to your User Preferences page simply by clicking on your username in the blue bar at the top of each board, topic, or message listing. From there, you can adjust your settings and make changes to your signature or quote. How do I make my text bold\italic\underlined\pre-formatted? You can use the standard HTML b\u\i\pre tags. marks the beginning of bold text, ends it. marks the beginning of italic text, ends it marks the beginning of underlined text, ends it.
 marks the beginning of preformatted text, 
ends it. Be warned, however, that posts made in all bold\italics\underline\pre-formatting could be considered disruptive, and would be deleted as TOS violations. I'm Suspended or Banned, but I don't know why, or I believe it should be changed. What can I do? When a user is suspended/banned, they are sent to a unique Plea Topic. There, they can contest their moderation. All moderators have access to every plea topic. Do not abuse your plea topic, or it will be closed. If you abuse it too much, expect an increased punishment. How do I close my own topic? You can't right now. If you want a topic closed, you'll need to talk to a Moderator How can I become a moderator? You can't. Seriously, new moderators are only chosen a few times a year, and the minimum requirements for applying are very steep. Even so, hundreds apply, but only a few are selected. If you seriously want to be a moderator, you'll need to be an active, contributing user for well over a few months to even be considered. Pestering the current moderators or administrators to become a moderator essentially guarantees that you won't be selected. How can I change my username? You can't. Usernames are permanent. If you want a new username, you're pretty much screwed. Who are the current Moderators and Administrators, and how can I contact them? Admins: LlamaGuy redkillroy Moderators: AnotherGamer COTM Dancin Jesus* Goncalves** gogogopogo legolasfan probescus PureGamer tealmarie The Jesster* TheRealFolkBlues Watty nutty *Designates a Moderator with partial Admin abilities **Designates a Link Moderator Clicking those links will take you to their user info page, where you may send them a Private Message. You can also contact moderators by posting on the complaints board.