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Luang Phor Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew


B.E.2391 – B.E.2478


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Luang Phor Boon is regarded as one of the Top-Ten Gurus in Thailand and he is well-respected for his Buddhakhom (Buddhist magic). One of his famous Buddhakhom is JetroParivaYana. JetroParivaYana is an advance Dharma that can detect anyone’s mind. In addition to his ultra Buddhist magic, he could also chant the Maha Chinda Manee Mantra that was said when it was chanted with great smadhi, he was able to call Metta, Wealth and Fortune to bestow on you.


Luang Phor Boon made many different phims of amulets. He was famous for his Wan (Herbal) amulets called Phongya Chindamanee which cost easily with many ten thousands Baht. Apart from his herbal amulets, he had also made many amulets comprise of baked clay, bronze, silver, copper, lead/tin and ivory etc. To name a few which are highly sought after by collectors, they are Khiao Ser (Tiger Tooth), Bia Gae (Cowry Shell), NakProk and NangKwak.


According to Lek Watruak, LP Boon's NangKwak is rather expensive. A small size of one-inch width start with nearly 10,000 Baht . Every additional width in inch will plus many more thousands. So, not many people can afford it, meanwhile there are a lot of fakes. Collectors who are not acquainted with them may easily be cheated with those fakes.  


He was a close friend of many contemporarily famous Guru Monks viz LP Nak of Wat HuaiJorake, ChaoKhun Vinai Kitkosol and ChaoKhun Phrom of Wat Gallaya, LP Taab Wat Thong, and Somdej Phra Sangkharaj (Pae)--the Supreme Patriarch of Wat Suthat. Famous ChaoKhun Sri (Sondh) had first learned with LP Boon and later left for Wat Suthat and became the Supreme Patriarch's right hand and closest disciple. For LP Chaem of Wat Takong, a greatest and most famous Guru Monk of NakonPathom and the teacher of LP Tae Kongthong, was LP Boon's disciple. (   


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The above NakProk or Buddha sitting under the sheathe of the Great Serpent (King of Naga) carved from ivory-tusk is a rare amulet of Luang Phor Boon made in B.E.2470s. Surface of the amulet has turned to candle-wax like due to around 80years of existence. All of LP Boon's amulets carry comprehensive properties of Metta, Klaew Klaad (free from all harms), Longevity of life, Good Fate and Fortune, etc.

The Thais believe that NakProk is the Guidance Angel for all people born on Saturday. It is also widely believe that the wearer will be protected by the King of Naga, averting all dangers for the wearer. However, from my research, it is suitable for everybody that has faith in the NakProk and they will be well-protected under any adverse circumstances.