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Photo of Mary  Lee  Grantham Morgan


Mary  Lee  Grantham Morgan

Nov 4, 1915 -- May 4, 1998


A Tribute To Mother


Thank you God for a mother like mine

She was loving gentle and kind

She loved all her children

And often found time

For each individual child

She would doctor our cuts and bruises

Yes and punish us when needed

and she taught us about Jesus

As the children grew older it made her proud

As each child left the nest she would pray

To the Good Lord to watch out

For them along life’s way

Through her smiles and tears the good times and the bad

She never complained of the responsibility she had

Although we were very poor it took both Dad and Mom

To simply keep food on the table and a roof over our head

And on a cold winters night a good warm bed

She raised seven children and three babies dead

She worked in the fields and the mills

To keep us children clothed and feed

She always somehow found time for friends and neighbors

And visiting with the sick

I can even remember hearing my Mom pray for me

As she asked Jesus to take care and guide me

Now that Mom has passed on to be with Jesus

I thank her for her tears smiles and her guidance

But most of all I thank God for a Mother like mine

God blessed you now you have peace

Joel L. Grantham 

May 8, 1998




Poem © By Joel L. Grantham

Photo furnished by Joel L. Grantham and his sole property

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