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Rilla Grace Williams Smith Miles

July 14, 1901 -- September 7, 1960


A Letter to Mother


Dear Mother,


Itís been forty-four years since Iíve seen your sweet face.  I still miss you, now, as much as I did the first year, you were gone from us.  I was only fourteen when you had to go, and I never had the chance to know you as an adult, but God had other things for you to do in Heaven.  So many times I wished you were by my side.  Like when our boys were born. But I learned to be strong at a very young age.  All these times, I missed you so much, but most of all, I wish you had been here so I could do things for you, the way you did for everyone else. I know youíve always been with me in spirit. I remember all the prayers you prayed, and Iím so glad you raised me right and taught me to be a good, loving, and fair person. I didnít always live the way you raised me, but now that Iím older, I know everything you taught was right and I tried to teach our children the same way.  Mother, I love you so much and I know I will meet you in Heaven some day. Until that day, you stay on one side of me and God on the other side, and we will all be together to sing his praises in Heaven for eternity. I carry you in my heart, my loving Mother.


Your daughter, Dot



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