The 16 Year Trend

I see the need to refresh alot of peoples memory about Bill Clinton. Americans tend to have very short memories when it comes to politics. People think things were so much better under Bill, yet there is hardly a wit of difference on many things between Bill and George Jr.

Clinton downsized the military like no president before him ever had, yet had our troops spread thinly across the world in MANY small conflicts. People forget about Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Somalia, and yes, Iraq too. Clinton was not without his own wars. WHAT WE HAVE a 16yr trend.

1. Twas under Clinton's own Janet Reno that the atrocity of Waco happened. Where big gov't rolled in with heavy firepower without a warrant, disregarding due process of law. (sounds familiar...prelude to the patriot act?)

2. Twas Clinton who stuck his nose into a vandal being beaten in Singapore in March of '94, yet turned a blind eye to 3rd world genocide in Rwanda just one month later. 800,000 Tutsis were wiped out by the Hutus that April, while America was too busy watching OJ and his white Bronco.(I can't even think of a witty remark for this amount of hypocrisy.)

3. Twas under Clinton that we had numerous attacks of terrorism (so much for security). Here's a brief list:

World Trade Center (1993)
Oklahoma City (1995)
Atlanta Olympic stadium (1996)
U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (1998)

School Shootings
Conyers, Ga
Littleton, (Columbine) Co

Richmond, Va
Springfield, Or
Edinboro, Pa
Jonesboro, Ar

Paducah, Ky
Pearl, Ms
Bethel, Ak

Other years under Clinton
Moses Lake, Wa 1996
Lynnville, Tn 1995
Wickliffe, Oh 1994
Grayson, Ky 1993

4. Twas under Clinton that welfare was limited to 5yrs for LIFE. (so much for being a champion of poverty.)

5. Twas under Clinton himself that the gigantic monster known as NAFTA was able to come to fruition and manifest it's power, sending our jobs running for the border, after facing much opposition during Bush Sr. (just like the new North American Union under Bush Jr.)

6. Twas Clinton who had Jesse Jackson as a regular guest of the White House, always trying to pass pro-racist legislation, with a smile on his face. Repairations for slavery were discussed heavily during his administration, and have never stopped since.

7. Twas Clinton who launched 912 cruise missiles into Iraq during Operation Desert Fox in an effort to "degrade Iraq's military capabilities"...Clinton succeeded in blowing up pharmaceutical factories, child daycares, and other non-military targets, all in an effort to destroy manufacturing of what would later become known as WMDs. (seeing the 16yr trend yet?)

8. Last but not least, for nearly 7 years, Clinton had us steadily plummeting into a 3-5 trillion dollar deficit, which we miraculously pulled out of during the last years of his 2nd term--and this deserves praise? It's the same thing baby Bush has been doing, but without cleaning up his little mess and saving face in the end.

I could go on, but many people have done it much better than me, in long forgotten books such as "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton" and "Bill Clinton: No One Left to Lie to" which cover many of the inner problems of his administration, including so many of the suspicious people closest to him all winding up 'suicided'. The list of dead associates to Bill is enormous, and goes back to his days as Governor of Arkansas (check out "The Mena Connection").

What I'm effectively pointing out is that many of the things that Bush has been doing are the same things that Clinton was doing. We've been stuck in a 16yr trend.

Both pushed for expanded government
Both pushed for losing national sovereignty
Both have had their little wars
Both have neglected the middle class
Both are into nation building (Bush promised not to in 2000)
Both have ignored illegal immigration
Both have let the rest of the world starve and die while placing the U.S. as the international police for certain foreign interests, of which Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Sudan are not a part of.
Yet Both are praised as humanitarians and great leaders by their own respective parties!