Why I (still) Voted for Ron Paul

Many people have counted Ron Paul as down and out, after winning all of the early debates BY A LANDSLIDE, the media networks found it necessary to censor him and sideline him when possible (such as Fox excluding him from the New Hampshire debate in spite of being ahead of Rudy) and denying him a chance to speak (as in the Reagan Library debate, which should have been called the Romney-McCain title fight). Glenn Beck got away with likening him to a terrorist live on CNN. Public affairs propagandist, Douglas Maher called Ron Paul "certifiably insane" on Fox News. Larry King's interview with Ron Paul was never aired and was recorded only as an internet exclusive. The news services eventually decided to push him out of the spotlight entirely by completely removing him from their updates WEEKS before Feb. 5th. However I will still vote for Ron Paul come November, 42 states allow write-ins, and my good conscience will not let me vote for anyone else.

Ron Paul strictly upholds the Constitution and his voting record proves it. Imagine that. Actually taking your oath of office seriously. Actually having the integrity to stand on the principles of our founding fathers is truly rare these days. Standing by the Constitution is so important because you have to have a guiding rule to go by. Fortunately, if we don't like the Constitution, it can be ammended, and it has been. You don't just go around making up rules, there is a procedure that should be followed instead of haphazardly creating new laws.

In 1976, he was one of only 4 members of the House of Representatives to endorse Ronald Reagan for President for the '80 election. Other candidates may claim to have been close to Reagan, but Paul is the only one with proof by Reagan's own words. So when it was proposed that the former President and First Lady receive a Congressional Gold Medal for their service, you'd think he would have voted "yes". But as always, he upheld the Constitution and voted "no". To mint and award a Congressional Gold Medal costs $30,000 of taxpayers money. So instead Ron offered $100 of his own money to fund it and encouraged the other House members to do the same. Not one member took him up on the offer, and the bill passed. Ron would deny his good friend a distinctive honor that would be at YOUR expense, and offered to help pay for it himself, NOW THAT'S INTEGRITY.

He has never voted to increase taxes
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget
He has never accepted a government paid junket
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch
He has never voted for federal government regulations on gun ownership
He refuses to go on the Congressional pension plan
His campaign is the ONLY one not in debt, not even by a dollar
He voted against the Patriot Act
He is against regulating the Internet
He has received more donations from the military than all of the other candidates combined

Ron Paul is one of the only candidates who has addressed protecting our borders from illegal immigration, and putting a dead stop to the problems caused by companies that employ them. Not only is he not for giving them all a free pass, but he would stop their influx completely, by not allowing illegals any government funded benefits for breaking the law (wow, what a concept!). It's completely wrong and unconstitutional for someone who is 'trespassing' on American soil to be reaping American priviledges, when they shouldn't even be here. Watch Immigration Gumballs on Youtube for some harsh reality.

Ron Paul is also the only candidate who has been constantly addressing the crisis of the American dollar, and our practical enslavement to the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank. Some of our greatest leaders were vehemently opposed to a private company bankrolling this nation. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were very outspoken about it, and one of John F. Kennedy's last official actions was Executive Order 11110, which disabled some of the Federal Reserve's printing power and returned it to the U.S. Treasury. Ron Paul is fully aware of this blight on our land, and he's one of the few men to ever come against it. He wants to restore the gold standard of sound currency, instead of the ridiculous notion to print money from nothing, take out a loan as a nation, and owe a private bank a debt which continues in perpetuity, never able to be paid off.

Ron Paul wants to do away with the income tax, and the death tax, and the inflation tax, and the IRS for that matter. The idea that these taxes are necessary is ridiculous...YES, they CAN be removed in one fell swoop. Because at the same time he will cut government SPENDING. Erase all of the ineffective, useless programs, funding, and free grants given to people to open up coffee shops. He will phase out welfare and initiate the phasing out of Social Security, which unbeknownst to most people, was never supposed to be your primary income for retirement. With the elimination of all of these taxes, and the restoration of true value to our money system, people will have the opportunity for more wealth and real savings to live off of, which in the end is EACH INDIVIDUAL'S OWN RESPONSIBILITY.

Ron Paul will also pull all of our troops home immediately, from all the nations of the world. It is not now, nor has it ever been the business of America to be policing the world, and maintaining an empire of 700 bases in 130 nations with our own citizens tax dollars. Our forefathers said we should practice diplomacy and avoid entanglements with the affairs of foreign countries. If safety is your concern, we have a population armed to the teeth, and that's not even counting our combined military power. We also have the most advanced technological weapons and detection systems in the world. Yet in spite of all this, there have still been numerous acts of terrorism in America for the last 20 years by dedicated individuals who were not Islamic extremists, so that's a poor conclusion to be stationed around the world, thinking that it's protecting us at home.

The occupation of Iraq and this foolish 'war' has cost us trillions, and it hasn't even been an official war. Saddam is dead, gas prices continue to rise, the WMDs were never found (big surprise), and this is becoming another Vietnam. To top it all off, none of it has been in retaliation for 9/11 (the official theory), and the hunt for Osama has been all but forgotten. Ron Paul voted FOR Afghanistan, NOT Iraq, and most Americans never saw the difference. He has read the 9/11 Commission Report, therefore he knows more about September 11th than MOST people,including every other candidate, and because of this, is one of the few people qualified to make statements about who's who and what's what. Like myself, Ron knows that there is no connection between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, because the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION states it.

Ron has said that the reason why we are facing so much growing opposition is because we invaded their land, and Wolfowitz reported the SAME THING in Vanity Fair, May 2003.

While I agree that we should try to help everyone, simply handing out money in foreign aid will not come anywhere close to solving the problem, and we can't keep it up much longer. This too is covered in "Immigration Gumballs". Ron Paul yet again is the only candidate to address this and consider halting foreign aid. If you think refugees in Ghana should get money, then you give it to them. With less taxes, and real value, you'll have more money to give (or keep if you desire), and it will go much further.

Ron Paul is pro-life
He's a professed Christian (for you Huckabee supporters)
He also doesn't believe in evolutionism
He also voted to impeach Bill Clinton

Ron Paul is a great humanitarian when it comes to helping the poor, conducting medical research, and work assistance programs. He is so much of a humanitarian that he believes it's wrong to TAKE (tax) the money out of YOUR pockets for it. Instead, it should be privately funded. If your local neighborhood wants a school, you pay for it on a local level, and only if your children are attending. If you care about the homeless people in your city, then give to the local shelter. If you want some biological research on itching head syndrome, then get investors and get some money together and pay for it yourself, but the 300,000,000 other Americans who don't care about your town, your kids, your homeless, or your disease shouldn't be FORCED to finance it. This goes beyond the scope of the federal government as outlined in the 10th ammendment.

So Ron Paul is for the Constitution, returning power to the States, national sovereignty, truly low taxes, strong national defense, securing our borders, bringing our troops home, eliminating or remodeling ineffective government entities, freeing us from the Federal Reserve, restoring sound currency, eliminating the national debt, and securing individual free market liberty in a capitalistic society.

Ron Paul is against invading countries on false pretenses, conflicts that become wars without an official declaration, NAFTA, making up laws without ammending the Constitution, valueless currency, NAU, overreaching federal power, National ID, socialized medicine, and all things unconstitutional.

On the other hand you've got:

John McCain, the warmongering madman who's more of a walking contradiction than John Kerry, and as Tim Russert showed us, can't even remember his own positions. He's also Surprisingly Liberal

B.Hussein Obama, whos definition of change is as thoughtless as George Wallace's definition of change when he ran for President. Now thanks to his own big mouth, his wife's big mouth, and his pastor's big mouth, he's a confirmed racist. Like most Democrats he's pro-abortion, doesn't think there's anything wrong with homosexuality, and like most politicians, he ignores illegal immigration. His other positions (especially healthcare) are nearly identical to....

Hillary Clinton, who has the campaign phrase "Ready to lead from day one." This pinko communist fascist marxist isn't qualified to drive a '94 Ford Escort on a pizza delivery. She is best described as all things un-American, and her leadership skills are the envy of Bolsheviks everywhere. Joseph McCarthy would've had a field day with her.

Mike Huckabee, in his own words some of his biggest accomplishments include losing 100 lbs and getting Chuck Norris to endorse him. This may be appealing to Ultra Slim-fast drinking Delta Force fans, but the rest of America cringes at his notorious tax raising, and falling for congratulating Canada on their "National Igloo" during Rick Mercer's 'Talking to Americans" skit.

I'm voting for Ron Paul because I have no reason not to, neither does anyone else.

Awesome JFK MLK Ron Paul video

UPDATE: Well glory be! Glenn Beck has almost done a complete 180 on his opinion of Ron Paul, I've said it for months that the Ron Paul supporters would be saying "I told you so" in the coming years. I didn't think it would be coming true so soon.