On 'The Jeffersons' from the late 70s to early 80s, George Jefferson would regularly call his friend Tom Willis a "honky". Actor Sherman Helmsley expressed resentment for having to use the word to describe someone who was supposed to be his character's friend. The closest thing to unashamed white racism on tv at that time was Archie Bunker, who was depicted as a dundering idiot and the brunt of jokes. Meanwhile, Jefferson was a successful and clever businessman.

That was 30 years ago...time has only made things worse.

It is a sad day in America when I see white people being degraded in black entertainment. When I see white Christians being made fun of on network television, the same networks who will never say a word about a black Muslim, and then claim equality. It's sad when I see black people fighting against the message of Martin Luther King, and pushing for more segregation, trying to put up and keep up walls of separation, instead of uniting as one people under God. Too many people would rather embrace George Wallace's message of "Segregation now, segregation forever..."

It's heartbreaking When blacks fight against equality. Causing nothing but more segregation by having to walk their own way, talk their own way, dress their own way, listen to their own music, and put down what they call the "white man's world". Any black man who tries to be simply an American is labeled an 'Uncle Tom' by his peers for trying to blend in with the common American majority.

When I hear people talking about repairations, I can't help but wonder. Slavery was a horrible thing, but there isn't a single black person alive today who suffered under American slavery, not a one. Legally, if you are not the injured party, then you are not owed anything. How have they suffered as a result of their great-great grandparents being slaves? It's because many of their ancestors were slaves that they are in this country today and have the OPPORTUNITY to become millionaires, doctors, professional athletes, police, politicians, generals, judges, comedians, actors and the like.

I ask to consider the alternative: living in an impovershed African nation fighting in border conflicts, and living without air conditioning, or a car. If you want to consider an extreme situation: living in a hut, with no technology, no roads, and having to hunt wild animals. I once personally knew a man from Ethiopia (born and raised there), and he was very glad to be in America, he told me about what it was like in their cities.

I have experienced anti-white racism many times when I lived in southern Texas, mainly from Hispanics. I heard on 2 different occasions from different generations of Mexicans "We are taking over, and the gringos are gonna die out." It was a sad day when I saw the Mayor of Austin live on the news, accusing the Minutemen Militia of being akin to the KKK for wanting to protect our borders from illegal immigration. All of the Mexicans rallying behind him cheered. Do they not know they are encouraging the breaking of law? Don't they care about the condition of America?

I found out what it was like first hand to be discriminated against as a white man by hispanics in southern Texas, I was unfairly treated at the workplace and even fired at least once for being white and wanting equal treatment. Another time I was fired by a false accusation to which I wasn't allowed to give an answer. I learned the slang, the dialect, and verbage of my fellow employees when they would talk about white people on the job, but probably my best experience of racism was when I attended the Gary Job Corps trade school.

I watched as a white friend of mine named John Kainer was punished for being the victim of a hate crime. John was a good ol' boy from South Carolina, and he happened to have a Confederate flag tattoo on his arm. Nothing major, no statements, just a small flag of his heritage. He got jumped one night by a bunch of black students, and what happened? He took his bruised body before the school board and did the school track down his attackers? No, instead he was EXPELLED for having the tattoo! Assaulting someone on the grounds of that school is a felony because it's government property, and yet there was no investigation. He of course contacted some pro bono lawyers through a group called 'Prepaid Legal' and I can only imagine the lawsuit the school was threatened with. Oh sweet justice. John was able to return to the school several weeks later and finish his training.

Now can you imagine what would have happened had it been a black student with some tribal African clothing, ganged up on by a bunch of white students? Or if it had been a Mexican student, beaten up by white guys for waving the Mexican flag? I mean do I really have to ask what the result would be? Do I really have to ask?

The Gary Job Corps is a type of '3rd strike' government funded higher learning trade school for troubled youth. It was started in 1965 by President Johnson, who's autographed picture hangs in the library, and the school's medical facility is named after LadyBird. The thing is, the school is also for people living in poverty between a certain age, which is the only thing that qualified me. It was free, and they offered you a good sum of money upon graduation, and possible job placement. I thought it sounded like a great offer at the time, unfortunately I was the wrong skin color.

Most of the school's population is black or Hispanic. Most of the faculty is also black or Hispanic. A small minority of the students are white, and an even smaller percent of the faculty are, you guessed it--white.

I was in the ultimate of the small minority, poor and white with no criminal record. Like it or not, the school is admittedly filled with teenagers and young adults who have a criminal history, and every week during general assembly, the Chief Security Officer of the school would read off a list of people expelled and what it was for.

I applied for entry into the school in August, I didn't get in until March of the next year. Nearly 7 months, and I still have the papers to prove it. My entrance counselor said it typically took 2 weeks to a month to get in. When I got in, I asked some of the other students how long it took them, and astonishingly, every answer I got was 2 weeks to a month. The games didn't end there, I already had a diploma and my academic testing score was far above qualification for immediate trade entry, and yet I still had to endure the full 8 weeks of preliminary preparation...or in plain talk 'making sure you can read and count'. Their reason for this? "We lost your papers". I knew by then that I was going to be yanked around by the faculty, because white was the wrong color there. So I kept my head in my books and graduated from the school 2 months ahead of schedule, especially after what happened to John.

I'm against racism in all forms, regardless of who it's from. Making more laws catering to minorities is not going to fix the problem. That's just trying to make equality by creating more inequality, and as long as influential people in this country encourage ethnic groups to BE different from eachother, there will never be equality. We are a mixing pot, not a salad bowl, and until we act as one nation of people we can never have racial peace.