More on the Great Battle

In the 14th chapter of Zechariah it tells of the Lord fighting a battle, and says that He would stand upon the mount of Olives, which means the mount of Peace. The mountain splits and becomes two mountains with a great valley between the two. This is the spirit being separated from the flesh, and says that on that day the light (understanding) will be neither clear nor dark. In other words, people will not know what to believe, and are kind of stationed in that valley between the spirit and the flesh.

It will not be day, but neither will it be night. They will know that half of that which they believed was right, but they will not know which parts it takes to make up that which is right. However, they will get it sorted out, as is shown by the statement that by evening, it will be light. Then shall living waters of love flow outward from the heart toward both the positive and the negative.
satan will no more rule, for the Lord shall be King in all the earth. Verse 12 shows what will happen to the carnal mind, or that which fought against Jerusalem, the city of "Jehovah's Peace" in each one of us. The flesh shall consume away (Pride, vanity, fear, and hatred will melt away). The eyes consuming away in their holes is the understanding of the carnal mind, or mind of the flesh melting away also, and if the carnal mind of the flesh be dead, the tongue can no longer prattle.

Now, if we couple this with Revelations 19, starting at verse 11 through 16, it tells of the coming of Christ, or the anointed one. Notice verse 13. His name is called the Word of God, and He has a name written; King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is clear that this is the same One, and the same situation as is shown in Zachariah. His eyes are as a flame of fire, and he is called Faithful and True. He rides a white horse, and horses mean thoughts and a white horse is a pure thought. All that follow Him are carried by pure thoughts also.
As was explained earlier, the eagles which are gathered at the dead body or carcase of Christ, the Word, are picking the meat from the bones, and represents the angels separating the "flesh" from the framework of the body of the Word, or the body of Christ.

This is exactly the same situation as in Matthew 13, where the harvesters, which Jesus said were the angels, separated the wheat from the tares, and gathered the wheat into the storehouse or barn, and gathered the weeds together to be burned.
The "wheat" representing the brotherly kindness, peace, joy, temperance, etc. in each person, and the "tares" representing pride, vanity, greed, and so on. All of these are growing together until the angels separate them. If pride, for example, were to be pulled up by the roots, so would your humility be up-rooted also. Thus they were allowed to grow together until the "harvesters" came. Jesus said plainly that the harvesters were the angels.

Another very good example of this is given in Ezekiel 37, when Ezekiel found himself in the midst of the valley which was full of very dry bones. That this is the same valley as mentioned in Zechariah there can be no doubt, and is the same situation explained from a different perspective. When the Lord asked Ezekiel if these bones could live, Ezekiel answered; "O Lord God, thou knowest.”
What God had Ezekiel to say to that valley of dry bones, I say now to all who are reading this, and to everyone everywhere; "O ye dry bones, hear the Word of the Lord. Thus saith the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you and ye shall live..."

In the 11th verse it states that these bones are the whole house of Israel, and as was shown before, "Israel" is the spirit, so these dry bones is the whole house of the spirit. Now notice in the 14th verse it is His spirit, the Spirit of God, which He puts in you, and you shall live.
Babylon the Great is none other than the collective mind of the flesh of mankind. This is all to be applied within each person, so it will take place in every person.

Jesus said in Matt.24:7, and Luke 21:11 that there would be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. Let us take them one at a time, and see exactly what was meant.
We shall take the word "famine" first, for as has already been pointed out, according to Amos 8:11 this is not a famine for the want of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. Verse 12 shows that the people would look everywhere for the Word of the Lord and wouldn't find it. Of course not. We look in a book, look up beyond the clouds, look to some man; we look every place but where we know we will find it; that is, we look everywhere but within our selves.
This is the famine Jesus spoke of. This is the great falling away that is mentioned so much in the Scriptures, for we have been falling away for some time, and will continue to fall until we decide to ‘wake up’ and let Christ give us understanding.

As for any ‘pestilence’, the Readers Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary, the Tormont Webster's Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary and Webster's New World Dictionary all give as one of the meanings of pestilence as "a noxious (hurtful) or malign (deceiving) doctrine or influence".

If a pestilence is a deceiving doctrine, then organized religion has been spreading all kinds of pestilences for decades.
They teach that the word of the Lord is not in everyone, that one denomination is better than another, that God forsook Jesus on the cross, that Jesus prayed to not die in the garden, that it takes money to run the kingdom of God, that God wants the praises of men for Himself, that God wants money in His storehouse,.... Need I go on? I certainly could for quite some time, and still not cover it all.

If all that I have written on this site are facts, and I assure you they are, then we are plagued even now, and have been for a number of years but not as many thought we would be.

People, if you think you can sail through all this with the greatest of ease because of your righteousness, then think again. Too many people are wrapped up in self righteousness, and only the righteousness which is of God counts for anything.

This will take battles and earthquakes, and while God is the one fighting your battle, God is not in the earthquake. The only ones who will have an easy time of it are the ones who love others exactly as God loves us.