Why I (still) didn't vote for McCain or Obama

I decided it was important to point out the glaring problems with both party candidates. People say "Vote for the lesser of 2 evils", but you're still getting EVIL. I suppose if Jesus Christ were running as a 3rd party candidate, would people--particularly Christians--still vote for evil? Do we not have any integrity? Why vote for loser A or loser B when there are alternatives? I will be writing-in Ron Paul because my state laws allow it, but I would recommend as a viable alternative, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. No intelligent, thinking American, well versed in history, could possibly object to any of their positions. The Libertarian Party I can see problems with, Green Party for sure, but not the Constitution Party. So contrary to many folks out there, there are alternatives.

Before I start these brief lists, allow me to point out why both parties and the past 2 Presidents are at fault for the mortgage and credit crisis. While the laws and pressure put on Fannie Mae with Franklin Raines in 1999 was done under the Clinton administration, people forget that Clinton had a Republican Congress during his 2nd term, and what did they do about it? Then we had a Republican President for the Next 8 years, with Republican Congress for the next 6, and what did they (Bush and Co.) do about it? Now we are ending Bush's 2nd term with a Democratic Congress, and I ask again, what has anybody done about it? So yes, both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for this mess, there's no way for either side to wiggle out of it. Now onto why I cannot vote for either snake.

First, I will list the MAIN reasons I will not, and can not vote for B. Hussein Obama.

1. Obama is the most liberal Senator in office, and no doubt would surpass even Bill Clinton as President. This is really never disputed if you look at his memoirs and scant voting record, you know, the times he actually voted something other than "present" during his few months of experience in the Senate.

2. I am 100% against abortion, 99% of the time. Obama is not only pro-abortion but he is for legislation to authorize "finishing the job" of botched abortions. Bleeding heart liberals will no doubt plead that "it's merciful" and "imagine what the child's life would be like." which is a topic all by itself, but the problem is, a law like this is just one more step closer to killing babies outside the womb, which ultimately lays the foundation to other forms of legalized murder.

3. Jeremiah Wright. I have asked every defender of this racist man's words to please explain the correct context of "God**** America". This man was Obama's pastor for 20 years(!), and he claims he never knew this about him? How could he be so oblivious to his surroundings? Is this the Democratic party's cream of the crop? A guy who sat under a pastor for 20 years without catching on? Either way, it looks very bad.

4. Obama was a pal of William Ayers, one of those liberal borderline communistic education reformers peddling their own agenda, whom Obama gleefully worked with in Chicago. This seems to be their only connection, but what else is William Ayers known for? Ayers was a member of several violent activists of the 60's among which was the 'Weather Underground' in protest of Vietnam. Ayers was personally responsible for blowing up a city statue in 1969, bombing the NYPD building (1970), the DC capital building (1971), and the Pentagon (1972) but was always careful not to cause any casualties. In his own words, they wanted to take it to a much larger scale as he said in 2001 "We didn't do enough." Ayers' statements are quite public and his past is easily verifiable.

*Notice that I am NOT implicating Obama in terrorist activities, but I am pointing out the unreprentant terrorist of whom he was an associate of. A man is known by both his friends and his enemies.

5. One up on William Ayers, is Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party member, (CPUSA) who WAS in fact a mentor to Obama, prior to going to college, as he himself describes their relationship and the wisdom he imparted in Obama's own books. In late October of '08, Joe Biden was asked about Obama's policies resembling Marxism, to which Biden couldn't give any more of an answer than to scoff and dismiss the claim. Obama's 2004 Senate opponent, Alan Keyes blasted him, calling him a hardcore Marxist.

6. Obama endorses ACORN. ACORN is a community activist organization, which since 2004, it's employees have been caught red handed committing voter fraud by registering fake names and registering the same person multiple times, this has been greatly exposed in the 2008 election. I want to ask Obama if he wins the Presidency, will he pursue prosecution of the employees who played a hand in getting him elected by registering votes from Mickey Mouse, 7yr olds, and the same people 40+ times?

7. Obama had some very shallow statements to make about the Bible, I take personal ought with this, myself being an extensively educated individual on Bible doctrine, and ordained minister. In Obama's opinion, the Bible would be a poor guide to America, since Leviticus promotes slavery, and Jesus would do away with the Department of Defense, adding Obama's name to the list of ignorant Bible critics. No doubt with Jeremiah Wright as his pastor, Obama wouldn't be too well versed on doctrine and context.

8. Obama will force parents to buy healthcare for their children. Excuse me? When was the well being and caring of my child any of the government's business? Maybe I will choose to pay for any medical expense outright, when and IF my child needs them, instead of having a vacuum sucking out money every month that I may never use. This is just another step towards communism, and falls under the old doctrine of "parens patria" translated as "Government as parent". An ideology and legal web that introduced many child protective services, which in most states actually have no legal powers, and can only take a child in most cases through intimidating the parents with usually empty threats. Check your local codes. When my 1st wife was alive, we had CPS in our apartment 3 different times, any one of which we could have sent them away. 90% of their calls are fake, or false alarms by angry neighbors out for revenge, and they know this. We learned the laws by necessity.

That's it for Obama. The other common complaints are his economic plans, tax plan, slipping up in an interview with George Stephanopolous and calling himself a Muslim, he's inexperienced, etc etc.

**As a side note, a recent poll shows that 90% of blacks in North Carolina are voting for Obama, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with race. It must be the issues, right? Similar polls have been conducted in every state, but the media doesn't want to draw attention to it.

Now for the MAIN reasons why I will not, and can not vote for John McCain.

1. He is for a perpetual policing action in the middle east (100 years if we have to). All the neocons want to say we can't retreat, we can't surrender, we have to save face, just like Henry Kissinger said almost verbatim during Nixon's administration relating to Vietnam. Victory at what end? Exactly what is victory? What cost? At this time of October, 2008, we are over 10 trillion dollars in debt, yet Iraq is 80 billion dollars in the black. They have a President and a democratic government, they even have their own defense forces now, yet we remain there. We're going broke building them up, costing billions of dollars each month, how much more of our own resources are we going to keep handing over to another nation? Who is going to bail us out? If a millionaire keeps building homeless shelters and community centers, giving all his money away to charities, it may be good and philanthropic, even Christ-like, but...eventually he and his family will end up living there themselves, they will need the very soup kitchen that he built. What burns me up the most about this is how George W. Bush made it a point in the 2000 debates that he promised "NO NATION BUILDING!" So much for that idea. For more on this see Peacenick or Warwhore?

2. McCain is also surprisingly liberal, as a few youtube videos have pointed out. He is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and has a history of voting on liberal Democratic bills in the name of helping the people, and for some odd reason, he tries to make this look like a good thing, when he brags about "Reaching across the table". The conservative majority constituents do not care, and do not want to hear about it, but it's his attempt to get liberal swing voters. He is making his base very uneasy, because I believe he thinks he already has them in the bag, but I think this will ostracize many of them and they will go for a 3rd party candidate or write-in. To this day it baffles me how on Earth he won the Republican primary. Why did Mitt Romney quit prematurely? Why didn't Ron Paul put up a fight, when he led in every early poll by a landslide? One would almost think it was intentional. Hardly anyone was pulling for McCain, neither Rush Limbaugh, nor Laura Ingraham thought he was anything great, but now they talk as if he's all we have.

3. McCain's wife, Cindy, is the chair person and heiress of Hensley & Co., founded by her father. It's the 3rd largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributor in the United States. What disturbs me about this is that it was first brought to my attention in a "Christian" newsletter, which I had to give a stern reprimanding to. Apparently, many "Christians" seem to think that running a giant beer company is a good thing. Just think of how much blood is on her hands, how many lives her company's products have destroyed. Broken families, ruined lives, and highway fatalities. How can she live with a clean conscience knowing that she is making a fortune off a toxic drink that has caused so much misery? She must be one icy vixen. Her charities will never make up for it.

4. McCain's pick for VP, Sarah Palin, may be spunky and appealing to certain voters, but if he dies, she will be left as President. As Governor of Alaska, she has just about as much experience as Obama--somewhere near nothing. Alaska's population according to the 2006 census is just below 700,000. Many cities of the lower 48 have a bigger population than that. Rudy Giuliani was Mayor for many more years than Palin, of a single city with a population 10x bigger than Palin's entire state. Rudy, like McCain is also surprisingly liberal, so tell me again why he picked Palin? Being way up there on the other side of Canada, she is also not in touch with the problems we face here, anymoreso than a local official here could relate to life in Alaska, many people can readily attest to that.

5. McCain flip flops worse than John Kerry, all in the name of doing whatever it takes to win, and as Tim Russert showed us, some of his flip flops are so bad, he doesn't even remember his own words. At one time, he bashed Bush's tax cuts, which he now praises, and he claims to have been one of the only politicians to criticize the war in Iraq, however, he was all for it from 2002-2004. In 2000, prior to the Republican debates, he called Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson "Agents of intolerance", yet in 2006 he had the gaul to go and speak in Falwell's Liberty University as the commencement speaker. He doesn't even try to hide his hypocrisy.

6. McCain left his first wife after she was permanently disfigured in a car accident....
It happened in 1969, but John didn't find out about it until his release from being a POW in 1973, his extra-marital affairs started within 3 years, or basically as soon as he had recovered.
Disgraceful, shameful, spineless, and pathetic. No wonder he buckled under torture, this was all he was made of. I bet all they had to do was tickle his foot with a feather and he caved right in. He is not 'leader material'. Now can I say I've been through more than McCain with my first wife's problems and health conditions that ultimately led to her death? Absolutely, and I never once faltered. Some people are made of sterner stuff.

These are the main reasons I cannot vote for him, short list, but potent. Aside from the other things, like his trashy looking daughter with big implants, his sketchy Navy service, with people testifying that the deaths on the USS Forestal were his fault, and whether or not his POW record is accurate, his work with his former Vietnam captors, etc etc.

Neither Obama nor McCain will address the Federal Reserve, the national debt, or many other issues to concerned Americans. If you're not going to go like me and vote for Ron Paul as a write-in, (thanks to the laws of Alabama), then please, for heaven's sake, vote for someone like Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, or heck even vote for Bob Barr of the Libertarian party if you like legalized drugs, but don't vote party line, it's a lose/lose situation.