How White is Your Robe?

Resentment is definitely not of God. It is simply one more of the many ways that satan uses to stop the flow of love. Do we not care that if satan gets his way, everyone would be destroyed with God and satan, including you and me?
You think this could never happen? Take a look at yourself, and ask yourself this question. How much does this pride, fear, resentment, or whatever it is you harbor, mean to you? Are you willing to let it go? Probably not. As I said before, jump into the fire and you will get burned. This is exactly what anyone does that holds a grudge against anyone else.

If everyone felt the same way you do, would love still flow free? Would love flow both ways? Would it flow outwardly as well as inwardly?
Revelation 19:8 says that "fine linen is the righteousness of saints", but when we harbor resentment, or greed, or envy, or any such thing, that fine white linen becomes spotted and wrinkled. These things are of the world, and a refusal to harbor any of these things is what is meant by keeping yourself unspotted from the world.
If someone wrongs you in any way, they are the one with the problem. If you harbor resentment toward them because of it, you have made their problem your problem. In this case problems are multiplied, not diminished.

The greatest problem in all of this is that we all are so busy trying to vindicate ourselves because of an overwhelming feeling of guilt about one thing or another. Why do we feel guilty about anything? We feel unclean, but why? Do you not realize God has cleansed you? He loves you, no matter who you are, or what you have done, and cleanses you continually. You do not believe it, so you keep cluttering up that which He has cleansed. Why do you keep calling "unclean", that which God has cleansed?
Look, we have no choice but to serve the law of sin with the flesh, but we do have a choice in serving the law of God with the mind (Romans 7:25). Then there is no more feeling of guilt, for the conscience is cleared, by simply letting the love of God flow from the center our being, to everything and everyone.

We all have our own baby demons inside. Make no mistake about it, they are our own, and not someone else's. No one else put them there. However, no mother ever looked at her baby with hatred and saw an angel, neither has any mother looked at her baby with love and saw a demon. Find "motherly love" for your own baby demons and they will either change or go.
You see, I am not referring to something with horns and beady eyes, although they can sometimes take that form. I am referring to the influence of fear, anger, rage, guilt, etc. All of which can be swept away by releasing out-flowing love. Willfully thinking good things and blessings, Try it; You just might like it.
To be controlled by these negative feelings is to be fleshly minded and this is death. To overcome these things with out-flowing love is to be spiritually minded and this is life and peace. (Romans 8:6)