Yes, I call it "evolutionism" because I am referring to the pseudo-scientific theoretical belief system, that has a stronghold on the scientific community and is creeping it's way into the church. It is what I have long referred to as an overarching meta-narrative.

You will find here a massive downloadable text file containing everything you need to know about this theory with references galore. If you're a pastor or a preacher, or you like to debate, or perhaps you don't feel smart enough to combat this wretched belief--THEN THIS FILE IS FOR YOU.

All people should have the knowledge contained herein to intelligently, systematically take apart this ridiculous theory, and its advocates. Most people, evolutionists or creationists, don't know enough about the theory to propagate it nor combat it.

Angry atheists of the world needed a religious belief to explain their existence, that's the reason why evolutionism has such a hard monopoly on the scientific community, therefore their tendrils have infested the education system as well. The information contained in this file is sufficient to prove that the theory of evolution has more holes in it than a bullet-riddled mafia getaway car. Make no mistake about it, it is not scientific, and it has every prerequisite of a religious belief.

Atheists who believe in evolution do have a god, their god is called Time. Yes, Time can do it all--just wait long enough. Time can make the impossible happen, just spin the chronometer-of-fortune and pick a number, Time will get it done. It's the ultimate deus ex machina. Time can create a whole universe from nothing, Time can turn a garden hose into a snake, just give it 20 billion years, and it will happen. Time is the god of evolutionists.

Little do they know, they also have a holy scroll which can never be questioned, it's called the gee-no-logic column...er..excuse me, The Geologic Column. They must consult it and seek it's wisdom, for it knows all. No self respecting evolutionist would ever examine a fossil without consulting the column of the ages first.

Evolutionists also have FAITH for their theory. All of their best and brightest people will admit that we don't see any animal currently evolving into a different animal, because it happens too slowly, we don't see a dog give birth to a non-dog, evolution takes place over millions of years. The other excuse is that it happens too quickly through 'punctuated equilibrium' and is happening all the time in rainforests and jungles when no one is watching. These outlandish claims are made through something that everyone in the civilized world calls "faith", though some of the slow people insist that it's "fact".

We don't find any records of this ever happening in history. Finding bones in the dirt do not prove anything other than that something died. You cannot tell if it had any offspring, and you sure can't tell if it's offspring were any different than it's parents. But they all have the faith that these tiny changes happened over a long period of time (or too quickly to notice) and thus created new species of animals, and they have to believe that long ago and far away, life on Earth started with a primordial puddle of ooze.

Lastly, is the crippling fact that the theory of evolution is not falsifiable. What this means to the lay person is that it cannot be proven wrong to the scientific community. Instead, when a problem is discovered (and there are plenty), they come up with excuses and exceptions to the rule, and thus have to modify the theory to fit the new data. In essence, the only thing that ever evolves is the theory of evolution itself, constantly shape shifting to fit the new popular trends and most recent data. The evolutionists will chisel down that square peg and force it into a round hole, any way possible.

There is much more contained in the text file than I will divulge here for the sake of space, so in conclusion: After a decade of debating evolutionists from all walks of life, formally educated or not, from high school dropouts to professors, I believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible, and that everything in there really happened. I also admit that mine is a religious belief...and so is yours.

I would recommend that when you click on the link, you then highlight the entire file, then copy&paste it into a "new text document" in notepad, then click on "format" at the top of the notepad window and select "word wrap" otherwise you will have to keep scrolling all the way to the right to read each paragraph.

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