Double Standards

The race card was going to come up sooner or later in 2008 election. Obama's wife drew some glaring looks when she opened her mouth and said she "...finally had a reason to be proud of America." Excuse me?

Then B. Hussein Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright effectively destroyed Obama's chance to hold the white majority vote, by letting loose a string of racial slurs about white people in the middle of a sermon. Excuse me?

The icing on the cake came when B. Hussein Obama himself said that his grandmother "...was a typical white woman." Now that does it. The fact that this joker is even still running for President shows something is demented about this society.

The double standard of RACISM is becoming more clear than ever. It's ludicrous why some people are even entertaining the idea that these statements are worthy of any explanation.

There's been dozens of public speakers getting on talk shows and news shows saying that "Pastor Wright was taken out of context." and other similar comments.

Now that even Whoopi Goldberg has jumped on the bandwagon of defending Wright, I would like to ask such people, and anybody defending 'Pastor' Wright, exactly what is the correct context of the phrase "Not God bless America, but God d*** America!" in his own words. When a man goes on a tyrade blaming all of his woes on white people, exactly what is the correct context?

This was no secret, as the video footage was obtained by Wright's own tapes available in the church bookstore. Truly there must not be any Christians attending that church.

Why do people like Obama get away with such racism and racist supporters like Wright, whilst any white man gets crucified for half as much?

Ed Tyll, former Atlanta radioman was suspended by WGST management in 1987 for comparing Congressman John Lewis to Buckwheat.

Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder lost his job at CBS in 1988 for making an opinionated historical reference about slave owners breeding black athletes.

These incidents were 20 years ago, when things weren't as sensitive, just to draw a comparison, for something more recent we jump to only 10 years ago.

April 1997, golf pro, Fuzzy Zoeller commented on Tiger Woods winning the Masters tournament and said he hoped they wouldn't have to eat fried chicken and collard greens at next years Champions dinner. Zoeller's remark went around the world, and his career was over before the end of the day. He lost many, if not all of his sponsors, and he has since faded into obscurity.

Fast forward 10 more years to the present day, we need look no further than Imus...

In April of 2007 Don Imus lost his radio show for calling a few women from Rutgers on the WNBA "nappy-headed hos".

Yet still not a single one of these incidents is anywhere near the notoriety of a Presidential candidate scandal. Completely inexcusable.

As a final illustration of double standards, "White Men Can't Jump". A blatantly racist title, but ok, fair is fair, I'd like to see someone try to release a movie called, oh say "Black Men Can't Swim". We all know such a movie would never be allowed in any theater in America. If it's not funny when the shoe is on the other foot, then why should it be tolerated at all? This is why double standards are disgusting.