Again, Spirit or Flesh?

Let us suppose for a moment that everything I've said so far is not right, that we are to take everything literally, and not spiritually, or are only to take half of it spiritually, and the other half literally. God is a spirit, and to take half spiritually and half literally, then one is double minded, and will apply everything literally, and place everything "out there". Then we are continually facing contradictions.
For example, many places, the Scriptures say that Elijah would come before the day of the Lord and restore all things,(Mal 4:5) and even Jesus testified to that fact (Matt 17:11). Elijah had the ability to call fire down from Heaven (2nd Kings 1:8-15).
In Revelation 13:13, speaking of the "beast" which came up out of the earth, it says that he would have power to call fire down from heaven. With all the power it tells of that beast having, it would be a small thing for it to take the form of a man, otherwise it could deceive no one. Now I ask you, if you saw some man calling fire down from heaven, how could you be sure whether it was really Elijah, or the "beast" in the form of a man?

When you receive a revelation from God about anything, don't be so egotistical as to think you understand it immediately. Wait for the clarification of it.

All down through the ages the Scriptures have been both literally and spiritually fulfilled. If they continue to be fulfilled literally until the very end, there truly would not be any flesh at all saved. According to the Scriptures, (literally) something will knock the earth out of itís orbit around the sun, and it will go seven times closer to the sun than it is now. Now it doesn't take a genius to see it would not be possible for any physical body of flesh to survive that situation.

One should also consider Isa 47:14 regarding what God will do with sorcerers, astrologers, and the like. "Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it." Obviously this verse is saying there IS going to be a fire of some sort, but also that it won't be literal.

One problem is that we can receive a revelation from God and then we let Satan interpret it for us. People have a tendency to let God tell them what to do, and then let Satan tell them how to do it.
Jesus said in Matt 6:22 and Luke 11:34 that the light of the body is the eye, and Paul makes it clear that the "eyes" spoken of here are the eyes of your understanding (Eph. 1:18).
So, according to this, if one understands the precepts of God, who is equal in all things, then the whole body is full of light. But if our understanding of Gods precepts are taught by the precepts of men, then our understanding has been darkened, with no light in the body at all. The only "light" in the body is ignorance, and great is that darkness.

Notice the word "ignorance". Ignor-ance. It isn't that we cannot understand, we just ignore that which would give us understanding. Desiring nothing other than that which will satisfy the flesh, we ignore anything Jesus or any of the disciples said which goes against our physical comfort, and become totally complacent and lackadaisical where the spirit is concerned.