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Lone-R letterboxing information page


Bookmaking: Nylon cable binding

by Lone R

This is a quick and easy logbook to make.

Supplies You'll Need

  • index cards or cardstock or heavy paper
  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • nylon cable
  • hole punch



Directions (Click on the pictures below for a larger image)

Step 1: Cut cardstock to size.
Step 2: Take about 3 sheets and punch a hole near one of the corners. I'm using a 1/8" hole punch.
punch a hole in the corner
Step 3: Use one of the punched sheets as a template to punch a hole in the remaining pieces of paper/cardstock.
hole template
Step 3a: Once all of the sheets have been punched...
punched paper
Step 4: Thread a small nylon cable through the hole.
nylon cable
Step 5: Feed the tail end of the nylon cable into the head end. Leave the loop loose enough for stampers to access each sheet.
nylon cable tied
Step 6: Cut off the excess cable.
cut the excess
Step 7: You're done. Now you can write 'logbook' on the cover and stamp the cover with your letterbox's stamp image.
finished product

Variations on the theme:

Use a binder ring to hold the pages together
binder ring
Use a screw post to hold the pages together

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