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Thu Oct 3, 2002 1:46 pm
"letterbox_ninja" <letterbox_ninja@...>

3rd Date Letterbox
Elora, Ontario

From downtown Elora by the ice cream shop, cross the pedestrian
bridge over the scenic Grand River.

Three things to look out for as you cross the river:

1) swans
2) far to your left, on the south side of the river by the car
bridge, an attractive historical building that looks like a church or
a schoolhouse but is in fact a liquor store - possibly the classiest
liquor store in Ontario
3) to your right, the old mill
4) behind and below you, the small shops that sit almost on the same
level as the river

Once you reach the south side of the river, turn right and walk
through the warehouse area. Bearing right (west) and keeping close to
the river, you'll soon find a well-worn path that leads to the Elora
Gorge Conservation Area. You'll know that you're on the right track
when you spy on your left an old abandoned stone building that looks
like it was part of Elora's original mill operation. Once you've
checked out the building, keep heading west on the path with the
river on your right. Before long you'll reach the "back door" of the
conservation area. Pass right on through and keep going.

After a few minutes of walking in roughly the same direction on the
path and pausing at the lookout points, you'll reach an interesting
staircase on your right that descends through a tunnel in the rock.
Go down these stairs now to the lower level, closer to the river.
Turn left and keep going in your original westerly direction. Don't
worry that the path becomes less distinct; if you found the
staircase, you're getting very close to the box. Less than five
minutes away from the staircase on this lower level you'll spot a
pair of trees that are bent inward toward each other, forming a kind
of archway. Proceed from this archway up to the rock wall and have a
look around. You should find a medium-sized (about two feet in
length) rock covered in green moss at the base of the rock wall not
far from the archway. The box is underneath the rock.

Please use discretion as this is a very high traffic area, especially
in the summer months. You will be rewarded with not one, but two
stamps carved by two different creators.