My Black Playstation Portable Stolen By A Squirrel!
chech out this picture I took of this PSP theif...
black psp, playstation portable, animal, pest, dark, color games, ds lite, white, silver

locoroco loco rocco locco roccco playstation portable pspNow I can't play my favorite psp (Sony Playstation Portable) games. The games I own are:

MegaMan X
Legend of Hereos
Kingdom of Paradise
Syphon Filter
Fifa 2007

rachet daxter psp box art jak clankXmen Legends 2

DBZ:Shin Budokai

Valkyrie Profile

NBA live 06
nba live 07
syphon filter castlevania psp playstation portable walkthroughField Commander
Tiger Woods 06

Metal Gear Acid 2
Megaman Powered UP (very hard)

Race Driver 2006
Bleach 3 on the PSP
Raider of the Caribbean
gradius plane shooter shoot em up box artNeed for Speed Carbon
World Championship Poker 2
TEKKEN: Dark Resurrection

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