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January 28th, 2005

The band & Crew.
Golly, a camera.
Bottoms up.
Dave, Tara, Darik & ?.
I said Bud Light.
Looking thrilled.
Nice eyelids.
Liquid staffer.
More of the Liquid staff.
The rowdy table.
Shhh, she's asleep.
Like I think Ashlee Simpson is totally the greatest singer ever.
Someone say shots?
Very colorful.
Hi, this table is all mine.
Hey? Don't I know you?
What? What do you want? Tell me! Tell me now!
Liquid thirst control.
Umm? Girls can I get in the picture? Please.
Deb had a heart-on.
Flash bulb attack!
Psst. Time to play, your fans are waiting.
OH! That's where you keep it.
Amber & Rick.
Packed house.
Ed dancing or trying to find the potty..
Nice to meet ya, again.
Larry, our digital man.
Yeah, go for it.
I'm a dancing queen.
HEY! Who is that back there?
Go eagles.
See, looky what I got. See it see it seeee it.
What in the....
Referee school. Today's drill is the touchdown signal.
Liquid dance floor.
(serious) Trish & Amber.
Birthday girl Amy (Left) and friends.
Got Bud Light?
Tina Turner Allison.
How's that hair taste?
Nice beer. Dustin (right) and friends.
(girl in back) What about me!!
Come and knock on our door....
Tina & Ty.
C-to-C club. (cheek to cheek)
Dustin & Jeremie.
Tara & John.
John helping the staff.
Awww, sweet.
Damn! You found us.
Boom baba boom.
Nice Microphone.
Attached at the cheek? YES!! Quick get the glue remover.
Hanging out at the big L.
Dustin & friend (name?).
Sir Wigness.
Nice lid.
Yee freakin' ha!
Yeah that's right, lookin' good.
Mom and sibling.
Hands up!
Thumb in front of my own face, sweet!
I'm having fun, really I am.
Golly not my picture please.
Is that Ron under there?
Ty & Ty.
Our soundgod, Smed.
Rolling Bud.
Hello, how can we help?
it's going to be hard to get married with my arm on my head.
Another friend & Dustin.
Could you get that hat out of my eye please.
Dani & Juls on a Rollercoaster?
What's happening?
Jeremie & ?.
A night out at Liquid.
Your the next contestant...bla bla bla....

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