Field Linguist's Toolbox Help

Windows 10 does not support the Toolbox help file format. So this set of web pages will have all the contents of the Toolbox help file plus additional new help information.

These web pages are in process. Only a few topics are currently available, but we are adding more on a regular basis.

Running Toolbox Introduces the screen, the main menus, the concept of record and fields. Expert vs saving files, data formats, handling Toolbox windows, large controls, status bar, toolbar, editing, auto save, date stamp, keyboard shortcuts, replace, undo all, moving from one record to the next.

Data Viewing of data and what, besides editing, can be done with it -- Wordlist, Concordance, Consistency Checking, Jump-Find-Search, Browse, Parallel Movement, Hide Fields, Sorting the data, the Text Refernce feature, Text Corpora.

Interlinear Spell check, Interlinear verify, Interlinear Setup, Parsing, Dealing with Ambiguities, Infixes, Morphophonemics, Compound Roots, Reduplication, Alternate Forms, Underlying Forms, Word Formulas, Using Toolbox for Adaptation, Phonological Rule Checking.

Exporting The four export processes: Standard Format (SF), Rich Text Format (RTF), the Multi-Dictionary Formatter (MDF), and Extensible Markup Language (XML). XML export vs Save As. Direct Print - the File, Print stuff. Printing something other than a dictionary. Toolbox and Microsoft Word.

Technical Details This is stuff the average user doesn't really need to know. It is generally details about setting-up and the settings files, and a few special features such as consistency checks, reducing the menu, recovering a "lost" window, the exercise setting, locking the project, read only files, backup, play file/sound, reporting problems, run command or batch file, translatability, unicode verify, keyboards and entering data, using CC with Toolbox.