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Group Sessions

How Do I Sponsor a Group?
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No events currently scheduled-
Click the sponsor link to bring a session to you!

Thank you for your interest in joining a group channeling with Michael, Guraj, and the Light Council!

These sessions are your chance to recieve guidance on any range of topics, and to hear guidance on a range of subjects that perhaps you would'nt think to ask about. The energies are quite amplified by people gathering together for a common purpose. Session time varies depending on the number of interesting questions we bring to the group and the number of people present, with a maximum of two hours.


Group sessions are $30 US. You can reserve your spot online with a Visa or Mastercard. I use Paypal's secure server. Or, you can take your chances and pay @ the door with cash, money order, or certified funds only. Please check out the payment/business policy link before you pay.

Admits one

I am also offering a discount for couples or any two people pre-paying together via internet. The price is $45, or one full and one half priced admission. Click the button below for the discounted group session for two:

Admits two
If you don't see an event that's convenient to you, becoming a sponsor is a great way to get a convenient session set up and attend it for *FREE*.

Simply click the "add your event" link on the upcoming events box near the top of this page and I will contact you. Or, you can e mail me using the link at bottom of this page.
Have a beautiful day!

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