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Surfing the Gridwork with the Light Council

Channeled Messages from Spirit

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From Oxford's Dictionary:

chan.nel- 1. An electric circuit that acts as a path for a signal. 2. A medium for communication or the passage of information.


This site is a portal to the messages of Guraj, a high master guide from the Light Council.

Do you feel stuck?
Seeking meaning?
Have you been on the path awhile, but don't know where it's taking you?
Is the joy missing from your life?
Is the LIFE missing from your life?

The Council has addressed these and many other issues in our sessions. Channeled guidance can help you to discover the subtle patterns and tendancies in your life, and find motivation to follow the path you were meant to be on. It allows you to step back and see the larger picture of "why's" and "where it's going's".

Let me share with you the story of a connection with Spirit that has changed my life:

Around the year of 1993, I came into contact with an energy being through meditation. I would later come to recognise this entity as 'Guraj', the representative from a group of highly evolved beings who referred to themselves as the Light Council. It was around this time that I got my first glimpses of the Gridwork.

I made little intentional contact with this group of beings, as I did not yet recognise the significance of this event. Then, in the summer of 2005, I began recieving messages from this body of light beings. It was a transformation! With Guraj's help, everything I had studied about metaphysics fell into place in a very practical way. My disparate directions and interests all seemed to connect in a whole that was much greater than the sum of the parts. These messages are at once profound and simple, and often feel like something you already knew deep inside (but perhaps couldn't-or didn't-put to practical use). It is my great pleasure and honor to offer this information to the world, in the hope of making it a more beautiful place to be. read more

"We all have a shared path - that path is to make this existence more beautiful." ~Guraj

©2005-2006, by Michael Chandler