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The Gridwork

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Ever seen the Matrix?

The gridwork is a sort of cross-weaving of light filaments.
It stretches from one end of knowable exisatence to the other.
It is a connecting and communication link.

It is the fabric upon which the physical is built.

I have uncovered an ability within myself of viewing this light gridwork, through inner vision. I have combined this ability with energy work to create a powerful healing technique. I believe that I have tapped into an ability to heal on the second deepest level possible-the deepest level being your own movement into stillness.

You can surf this gridwork like you surf the 'net. It is the medium of consciousness transport when you visit the akashic or move out of body. The gridwork makes channeling possible.

Deja vu? Gridwork. Clairvoyant visions? Gridwork. Inter-dimensional travel?-you get the picture.

Surfing the gridwork is a latent ability that many human beings are now awakening to. We are taking our baby steps into the universe.

©2005-2006, by Michael Chandler