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The Automatic Chicken

Unlock the power of your creative mind. Influence people, events and the world around you!

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Automatic Chicken Life Force Generator

Welcome to an exciting new energy technology that can mean for you the difference between average results and Total Success in all of your paranormal activities. Please note the address and link of the new and improved located at the top upper left hand of this page.

The automatic chicken is a life force generator that produces energy that can be used in an unlimited variety of ways. If you are into the esoteric arts (magick and spellcasting), see quick results. If you are a healer or light/energy worker (Reiki), quickly charge up your stones, crystals and chakra points. The basic model produces as much raw energy as a rooster sacrifice to power up your magic spells and rituals. If you are familiar with Voodoo, Santeria, Wicca, Palomayombe or any of the other pagan earth religions, then you know what I am talking about. The midlevel model is energy equivalent to a small pig or goat. So speed up your spells...see dramatically quicker and more permanent results.

What do you want out of Life? Money? Success? Happiness? Love? Health?

You can also:

All that's required to make this exciting technology work is the right structural link to your target. So if your client is your target (maybe she needs a love spell)...the structural link would be her picture or perhaps her handwriting sample. What you would do is perform your magical operation, upon completion just turn on the life force generator and point it toward the structural link of your target (your client's picture). That's it! You're done. Simple. This is how you can add EXPLOSIVE energy to your rituals for faster results. Join our Yahoo group to learn more about fast acting love and money spells.

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