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This is an exciting and important activity for your learners to participate in and learn. It is easy to implement as well.

To pull off this activity you will need the following materials:
1 Regular Trash Can
1 Glass & Aluminum Trash Can
1 Paper Trash Can/Bin
A place to set up a recycling center
Box/bin of materials/trash to be sorted

Step 1: Gather materials to be sorted into trash cans. Make labels for each kind of trash can/bin and attach with velcro to separate bins. The students will sort each item into the labeled bin (e.g., regular trash, paper, glass & aluminum).

Step 2: The students will match the labels on the bins to the trash cans by attaching the velcroed labels to the trash cans with more velcro.

Step 3: The students will place the materials into their appropriate trash cans/bins.

Step 4: Advanced> Provide the students with materials and ask them to go recycle out in the natural environment such as the cafeteria or the trash cans located throughout the school building in general.

Step 5: The students will view the provided web pages and complete a variety of the activities.

Student Page