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On your desks you will find a bin of items that need to be sorted into the trash and recycle bins. These bins are located throughout the classroom. In addition, you will find on your desks labels for the trash and recycle bins. You should complete the following steps for this project:

1)Place the appropriate labels on the trash and recycle bins. For example, place the label for glass and aluminum on the recycle bin of glass and aluminum.
2)Divide the items in the bin by category. For example, all paper trash should be together, all aluminum should be together, etc.
3)Place the items into their appropriate trash and recycle bins.
4)Retrieve another bin of items to be sorted from your teacher. Sort the items into their approrpiate trash and recycle bins located throughout the school building.
5)View the following websites and complete activities on the site:
     Environmental Kids Club

     Reduce Reuse Recycle

When you are working on this project, keep in mind the question of why is it important to recycle. When you are viewing the websites and completing the activities, search for answers to the question: Why is it important to recycle?

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