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Silver Nights Pack
Silver Nights Pack
Wellcome Silver Nights pack! This is my pack member page for neopets. These wolves you see are in the pack.
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Ohoyo---- Alpha female
Ohoyo---- Alpha female 
Name: Ohoyo(means Wise Woman)

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Siblings: Brothers-Wa-Ta-Chee and Waya

Parents: Lobo, an Eastern Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus Lycaon) and Sleet, an Arctic Wolf (Canis Lupus Arctos).

Fur color: some light grays and some dark grays. She is a very small Wolf with huge feet.

Eye Color: Hazel

Personality: She knows just how to keep her brothers in line. Very Outgoing and loves attention.

Brief History: Ohoyo and her brothers thought it was time to leave there parent's pack

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