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All about Me


Hi, my name is Lee Reforma. I am creating this webpage for my ITEC1301 class. I attend the University of Houston and am a sophomore. I am studying to receive a Bachelor of Science Degree for Information Systems Technology.. Go Coogs!

Here are a couple things about me:

Name: Lee Reforma

Class: MW 10-11:30 Section #: 12335

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Filipino

School: University of Houston (Go Coogs!)

Groups: UH-FSA


Things I Like: Things I Don’t Like:

-       Cars - Tests

-       Sports : Tennis, Basketball, Football, Baseball - Homework

-       Food! - Spending and earning money!

-       Photography - There’s probably more to this list….

-       Money

-       TV i.e. Family Guy, The Simpsons, SCubs…etc.

-       ….Did I mention I like cars?


University of Houston website:

University of Houston


University of Houston College of Technology website:

UH College of Technology


Here are some favorite websites:

Natalie Fofanova's Web Page

UH-FSA website

North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club

Mazda Enthusiast Forum



My car:

(please click picture to go to other webpage) UH-FSA:




Family Guy: My Camera:








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