These dances are for everyone, but there is no smoking (inside) or alcohol. Most people at these dances are LDS (Mormons), but many are not....

LDS Dances (Salt Lake City/Provo/Logan)

LDS and LDS-related dances for young adults and singles in Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, and Cache County (Logan)

AGES 18 to 30ish

For LDS from 18 to 31 there are Stake Dances all throughout Utah, but I don't know where they are. Their locations are at LDS Stake Centers, and their locations change all the time. The only way to find out where these Young Adult dances are, is to ask other Young Adults on Sunday, at a Young Adult Ward.

There are many Young Adult Wards throughout Utah.

There are two Dance Clubs that I know of, that cater to 18 to 31 year olds in Utah:

*Infinity Event Center in Salt Lake City (Tuesday and Thursdays at 9:45pm).

Tuesday nights are Infinity is rather sparse. However, Thursday night Country Western dance is PACKED full. Most of the people on Thursday nights are 18 to 25, with a few older ones. Nobody under 18 allowed. Take you I.D. if you look young. Get in line by 930 or wait in a long line to get in. Parking is along 600 South between Main and West Temple (mostly). Infinity is across the street (south) of the huge GRAND AMERICA HOTEL. You can see these huge hotel from most parts of Salt Lake City.

Infinity is located on 600 South between Main Street and State Street in Salt Lake City.

*Fuego Fridays in Provo (Fridays).

Very young BYU crowd. This club is on Center Street just west of State Street in Provo. Friday nights only. If you are over 30, don't bother. Must be 18.


On 600 South, between Main Street and State Street, across the street from the Grand American Hotel, is the INFINITY EVEN CENTER which used to host country-western dances on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Thursday nights is packed, so get there before 10pm or wait in line! $10 at the door. They do check I.D., so make sure you are at least 18. If you are over 31, you are still allowed inside, but most will be younger than 30.

Infinity Event Center (on 600 South St. between State St. and Main St. in Salt Lake City)

Parking is on 700 South between State Street and Main, and also on 600 South between Main and West Temple. Tuesday and Thursday night country-western dances. Packed on Thursday nights, so get there by 9:30 or wait in line. Tuesdays is not packed.


This is a new non-alcohol dance club in Provo, pandering to the BYU crowd, but I'm sure they'll let you in as long as you don't look like a gangster. Open Friday nights only in downtown Provo on Center Street between 1st and 2nd:

Afuego fridays in Provo

If you're over 31 one don't go there, unless you look really young.

AGES 31 and UP! (Johnny's Dance Party)

Regretfully "Dee's Dances" which provided Saturday night dances for singles (31 and above) over 25 years is now closed down. We're all gonna miss those Dee's dances! They were always packed, and always highly professional, with great music, lighting, and food. Truly the end of an era. But, when one door closes, another opens. Dee's Dances have been replaced by Johnny's Dance Party which is now every Saturday night, and will be meeting at NOAH'S EVENT CENTER in South Jordan, every Saturday night, until further notice.

Johnny's Dance Party is by FAR the BEST place to dance and meet singles over 30, if you are a non-smoker and a non-drinker. LDS and non-LDS go there. It is always packed, and the food table is always good. The DJ is always good about playing your requested song (if he has it). There is a Request Board near the DJ. Most of the people are 35 to 55, with some younger, and some older. The most attractive non-smoking/non-drinking single women in Utah come out, as do the most successful divorced LDS men. This is NOT an LDS Church dance, but most of the people who attend will be LDS (Mormon). About 300 attend. Most people get there about 10pm, but the dance starts at 9pm.

Until further notice, Johnny's Dance Party will meet at NOAH's EVENT CENTER in South Jordan, about 12 miles south of Salt Lake City, near I-15. Anyone 18 or older may attend, but few people there are under 35. Every Saturday night. On New Year's Eve, and during General Conference (when many additional single Mormons are in town), they hold the dance at a larger venue. Refer to their Facebook page for updated information.

*** South Jordan Noahs : 322 West 11000 South in South Jordan.

Location of NOAH's Event Center in South Jordan CLICK HERE.
322 West 11000 South, South Jordan, Utah

During General Conference weekends and New Year's Eve, Johnny's Dance Party will meet at larger venues (to be announced on their Facebook Page) but their regular Saturday night dance will be at NOAH'S in South Jordan.

Anyone over 18 is invited, but MOST (90%) of people there will be over 35. Please remember, they will hold their regular Saturday dances at NOAH'S in South Jordan until otherwise notified. Please check out their FACEBOOK page to keep up to date:

Johnny's Dance Party (every Sat. night)


The LDS Church sponsors dances at LDS Stake Centers throughout Utah. I've been to all of them. The "good" ones are:





Salt Lake City (Spring Lane)

The "not so good" ones are in Utah County.The dances in Utah County are mostly widows and older people in their 60s and above, but the dances in Kaysville, Farmington, Granger, Bountiful, and SLC (Spring Lane) are people usually in the forties with some older ones. These are always on Friday nights. Check out the websites below for further information on these Friday night 31+ LDS dances:

Church Sponsored Single's Dances in Utah

Kaysville Single's Dance

LDS Single's Event Calendar for Utah

The addresses for those Friday night dances are located on those websites. Please create your own list from those websites.

Please come out to Johnny's Dance Party, every Saturday night, located at NOAH'S EVENT CENTER in South Jordan, Utah. Those are the most packed, and the most exciting. Saturday nights. Get there by 9:30 or wait in line! $10 at the door. Anyone 18 and over welcome.

<Johnny's Dance Party (every Sat. night)

Have fun, and please don't forget to check out my article below.