These dances are for everyone, but there is no smoking (inside) or alcohol. Most people at these dances are LDS (Mormons), but many are not....

LDS Dances (Salt Lake City/Provo/Logan)

LDS and LDS-related dances for young adults and singles in Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, and Cache County (Logan)

AGES 18 to 30ish

I know that various Stakes sponsor Young Adult dances in the Salt Lake Valley, but I don't know where they are. They also change quite frequently. You need to attend a Young Adult Ward ask around. Also, the student Wards at the University of Utah Institute of Religion also sponsors occasional dances. Call the LDS Institute of Religion on South Campus Drive in Salt Lake City, and ask about dances.

***THE CENTER in Provo

Also, there is a Country-Western Dance every Wednesday (packed) and Saturday (light numbers) in Provo at "The Center". Mostly BYU students. ANYONE 18 and OVER invited!!! More info about that below. "THE CENTER" is located on the north-west corner of 500 North and Freedom Blvd. (200 West) in Provo; across the street from OZZ Restaurant. Parking in the back on on 500 North. About 300 to 400 attend on Wednesday nights. About 100 to 200 attend on Saturday nights. Mostly young BYU students, but no "upper" age limit. Must be 18. Bring I.D.

AGES 25ish and UP!

Ages 25 and up!: Dee's Dances on Saturday nights. Absolutely PACKED (900+) single's dance. Must be 25 or over to attend (in reality...if you are younger...they don't ask for I.D.). Most people are aged 40 and above. Usually a very nice snack bar! Music is DJed and varies from new hits to old hits. You can make music requests by writing them on a sheet next to the DJ.

Dee's Dances are non-LDS (all invited). No smoking. No alcohol. DJed music. Always PACKED!!!

Dee's Dances does have "modesty" standards. Go to their website.

Dee's Dances will accept anyone 18 or above, but the vast great majority of attendees are aged 35 and above.

Dee's Dances are held every Saturday night, at one of the following locations:

*Noah's South Jordan
320 West 11000 East
South Jordan

*Trolley Square
651 East 600 South
Salt Lake City
NOTE: Trolley Square dances are held in the Winters on the South side of the Mall (inside), on 600 South. In the Summers the dances are held just outside the North Mall entrance or on the roof of the Parking Lot on the northeast of the Mall.

*Utah Masonic Temple
650 E. South Temple Street
Salt Lake City
NOTE: Parking in huge lot behind the Masonic Temple on 700 East.

*Utah Cultural Celebration Center
1355 West 3100 South.
NOTE: Go to Redwood Road (1700 West) and then go East on 3100 South. The UCCC will be two long blocks at the end of 3100 South (large white complex with flags). NOTE: You can only access the Utah Cultural Celebration Center on 3100 South Street from Redwood Road! There is no other way to get there except via Redwood Road, and then turn East on 3100 South Street and follow 3100 South to the end of the road.

*Noah's Event Center in Lindon, Utah County.
Take I-15 to Exit 275, then go East (toward mountains) to 700 North, then turn RIGHT and go to 2000 West and turn RIGHT. Look for large grey building in middle of nowhere.

Noah's Event Center (Lindon, Utah County)

Go to and click on "CALENDAR" to see where the Dee's Dances will be this month (at one of the locations listed above). They also have a "Personals" section. You must click on "Calendar" to see the upcoming events. $10 at the door. Bring I.D. Lots of beautiful woman and rich handsome men.

Cost is $10 at the door. Refreshments are good and plentiful. These dances are always PACKED to the hilt! DJed music. Lots of pretty women (and not so pretty ones too).

Yes, if you are 18 to 25, they'll still let you in, but don't expect many people your age. Most people are over 40, some 30 to 40, a few 25 to 30. Most attendees at Dee's dances are over 40. If you are under 25, you can still go. Nobody is going to "I.D." you unless you look really, really young. But, again, there are FEW people at Dee's dances under the age of 40!

Single Adults (Friday Nights--Salt Lake County and Davis County)

4th FRIDAYS: There is a LDS Single's Dance (31+) every 4th Friday in Salt Lake City on Spring Lane (off of 1300 East and about 5150 South).

1750 E. Spring Lane (5150 South).

If you've never been to this place you must MAPQUEST it, or you'll never find it! You can get to it via 1300 East Street. Go on 1300 Eeat to about 5150 South and you'll see "Spring Lane" toward the mountains, and follow that for three blocks and you'll see the yellowbrick LDS meetinghouse on the south side of the street. Best you mapquest it! 4th Friday of every month in Salt Lake County.

2nd FRIDAYS of every month (Farmington)

There is a LDS Single's Dance in Farmington, Davis County, the 2nd Friday of every month. Usually packed. It is on Shepard Lane. Just head to Farmington and get off on Shepard lane and go East (toward the mountain). You'll see the chapel just East of an Elementary school about one block past Wendy's (on your left). The chapel will be on your right. 2nd Friday of every month in Farmington, Davis County.

729 Shepard Lane, Farmington. If you get there are 10pm, the chapel parking lot will be FULL, but you can also park in the elementary school parking lot just West of the chapel on the south side of Shepard Lane.

Singles Adults (Friday Nights--Utah County)

There is a Single's Dance the 1st and 3rd Friday nights in Utah County. Very few attractive women attend these (just being honest). But, it's something to do:

*1st Friday of the month- 481 East Center, Orem

*3rd Friday of the month- 4300 N Canyon Rd, Provo

They usually get about 200 to 400 people. Don't expect a lot of pretty faces, attractive women seem to steer clear of these, but, you never know, you might get lucky and meet a half-way good-looking female at one of things. Stranger things have happened.

Dee's Dances on Saturday nights usually has some very attractive women attending.

Single Adults (Friday Nights--Cache County)

All Ages--UTAH COUNTY (Saturday Nights):

Saturday night in Utah County there are two all-ages country-western dances going on:

THE CENTER in Provo (ages 18+). $6. Located at "The Center" on 500 North and 200 West (Freedom Blvd.) in Provo. Across from "THE OZZ" restaurant. About 100 or more attend this on Saturday nights. Mostly BYU students, ages 18 to 25, but any age over 18 is invited to attend. A few people over 30; not many. Lots of cuties. Bring I.D. if you look young. No upper age limit.

If you are over 35, it is best to attend Dee's Dances. There is a Dee's Dance in Salt Lake or Utah county every Saturday of the month. Go to the website then click on "Calendar" to see where the next one will be:


The Farmington Dance is the closest one to Ogden, and the only dance I know up in that area. 2nd Friday of every month. 729 Shepard Lane. Next to elementary school. South side of Shepard Lane. Parking is a problem after 10pm. Ok to park in elementary school parking lot after 10pm.


1st Friday of every month: ages 25 and over. Location: 340 West 700 South, Logan. Anybody over 25 may attend.

3rd Friday of every month: ages 30 to 45. Nobody over 45 admitted. I.D. will be checked, and NOBODY over 45 will be admitted! This is a Mid-Singles Dance. These dances were created because old dudes were constantly dancing with women half their age and the women got sick of it. Thanks a lot old dudes!!! This Mid-Singles dance is held the 3rd Saturday of every month in Providence, Utah, near Logan at: 420 West 100 North, Providence. DO NOT GO TO THIS DANCE IF YOU ARE OVER 45. They check I.D....that's means everybody.


I highly recommend THE BAY DANCE CLUB on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights for ages 18 to 30ish, and I highly recommend Dee's Dances for those over 35 on Saturday nights.

If you live in Utah County, I recommend THE CENTER in Provo on Wednesday and Saturday nights (Corner of 500 North and Freedom Blvd....200 Provo). $7 at the door. 18 and over. Bring your I.D. Country-western dances.

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