These dances are for everyone, but there is no smoking (inside) or alcohol. Most people at these dances are LDS (Mormons), but many are not....

LDS Dances (Salt Lake City/Provo/Logan)

LDS and LDS-related dances for young adults and singles in Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, and Cache County (Logan)

AGES 18 to 30ish

Note: Information about dances for Singles aged 31 and up is near the bottom of this page ("Johnny's Dance Party")

I a Young Adult, and I don't know where the YA dances are in Utah. Their locations change frequently. But I know that various Stakes sponsor Young Adult dances in the Salt Lake Valley, but I don't know where they are. You need to attend a Young Adult Ward ask around. Also, the student Wards at the University of Utah Institute of Religion also sponsors occasional dances. Call the LDS Institute of Religion on South Campus Drive in Salt Lake City, and ask about dances.

Most LDS Institutes of Religion will "post" info about a dance on their Activity Board. Sometimes the secretaries know about these dances, and sometimes they don't. Call M-F during normal business hours and ask: "Do you know of any Young Adult dances in the area? Are there any dance announcement on the Student Activity Board?":

LDS Institute (across from Univ. of Utah): 801-582-6506

Secretaries at the Institutes of Religion will usually look on the Board for you, and let you know. Of course, Young Adult Wards and Single's Wards in Utah announce upcoming dances, but you have to be in Church on Sunday to hear the announcement.


THE BAY DANCE CLUB used to operate on the corner of 400 South and South Temple Street, for many years. It was a NON-alcoholic 18 and up dance club that operated at that location from the early 90s until about 2003, then it closed, then opened again, then closed. The building became a bar several times over, then THE BAY opened up again at the same location as a non-alcohol club. You can check out the location and see if it is a non-alcohol dance club again: 404 South West Temple Street. Parking is along 400 South on south side of the street. Do not park in the hotel parking lots.

The location "changes" from bar to LDS-type non-alcoholic dance club more often then I change my shorts, so, you have drive by that location (West Temple St. and 400 South Street) and "see" for yourself what kind of place it is


On 600 South, between Main Street and State Street, across the street from the Grand American Hotel, is the INFINITY EVEN CENTER which used to host country-western dances on Thursday nights. Those were quite popular. YOu may want go to by there sometime to see if they are still hosting non-alcohol dances.


This is a new non-alcohol dance club in Provo, pandering to the BYU crowd, but I'm sure they'll let you in as long as you don't look like a gangster. Open Friday nights only in downtown Provo on Center Street between 1st and 2nd:

Afuego fridays in Provo

If you're over 31 one don't go there, unless you look really young.


Also, there is a Country-Western Dance every Wednesday (packed) and Saturday (light numbers) in Provo at "The Center". Mostly BYU students. ANYONE 18 and OVER invited!!! More info about that below. "THE CENTER" is located on the north-west corner of 500 North and Freedom Blvd. (200 West) in Provo; across the street from OZZ Restaurant. Parking in the back on on 500 North. About 300 to 400 attend on Wednesday nights (or they used to....can't promise you this dance is still there). About 100 to 200 attend on Saturday nights. Mostly young BYU students, but no "upper" age limit. Must be 18. Bring I.D.

AGES 31 and UP! (Johnny's Dance Party)

Regretfully "Dee's Dances" which provided Saturday night dances for singles (31 and above) over 20 years is now closed down. We're all gonna miss those dances. They were always packed, and always highly professional, with great music, lighting, and food. Truly the end of an era. But, when one door closes, another opens. Below are links to other LDS dances from Logan in the north to Provo in the South. Enjoy.

******Johnny's Dance Party seems to have replaced Dee's Dances on Saturday nights, and they meet many of the same venues that Dee's Dances were in:

*** Lodge at Traverse Mountain: 3940 Traverse Mountain Blvd Lehi, UT

*** The Gathering Place @ Gardner Village 1100 West 7800 South West Jordan, UT

*** Utah Cultural Celebration Center: 1355 West 3100 South, WVC, UT

*** South Jordan Noahs : 322 West 11000 South in South Jordan.

*** Lindon Noah's: 1976 W. 700 North in Lindon.

*** The Black Lion Events Center: 9854 South 700 East Sandy.

You need to check "Johnny's Dance Party" Facebook page to find out where the next Saturday night dance will be: Johnny's Dance Party (every Sat. night)

***West Valley City 30th to 45 Dance (nobody over 45):

Because old men in their 60s and 70s were always "hitting on" young women in their 30s, some LDS dances now have Mid-singles" and forbid anyone over 45. This dance in West Valley City is one. First Friday of every month:

2850 W. 3535 S.
West Valley City, UT

Also check out these single's dances:

Church Sponsored Single's Dances in Utah

Kaysville Single's Dance

CALENDAR OF 31+ FIRESIDES AND DANCES IN UTAH a href="">LDS Single's Event Calendar for Utah

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