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 Larry Winters RULEZ MY WORLD!

Larry Winters is an INSPIRATION!
Work Hard at getting OTHER PEOPLE to Work Hard!
And keep all of the money for yourself!
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Catholics? We'll take their money too!

Mexicans Are Thieves! 

Larry HAS NOT paid $3.2 MILLION to the government!

Larry Sez Shut Yer Pie Hole!

Larry Hates Welfare!


Larry talks about his wife Pam being so fat she cant get on and off the plane - you have to admire that honesty!

Larry tells the women that the need to just shut their pieholes - Go Larry - women speaking is so wrong!

Larry inspires us to not be join the volunteer army, because he says its a lousy life - Thanks for the tip!

 Larry Winters says his wife is SO FAT she cant make it on the plane! Click here to Listen!!

Larry and Pam Winters

A match made in heaven!
He tells us she is so fat she cant get around on a plane, and look at his fine physique! 

Larry Says this is the:
Land of Oppurtunity!

Hear Larry talk about the
Losers at NBC!

Larry talks about all sorts of people -  the
Vegetarians - Gays - Micheal Jackson and Larry Have A Lot in common too!