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The others...
The DM   The Deformed Pac-Dragon   The Players   Mana Boy
Fighter is the meatshield of the group, as well as the main physical attacker. Unlike 8-Bit Theatre's Fighter, he seems to be intelligent enough for daily function.
CHARACTER FLAW: He is a damage magnet, but is rarely killed. Back to the top.
Druid is the one of the divine casters of the group, bringing nature-based magic, and some healing. He currently hasn't shown much of his personality, other than his homosexuality (not that there's anything wrong with that), and his lust for Wizard.
CHARACTER FLAW: Tends to be a coward, but then again, it helps him stay alive. Back to the top.
Ninja is the main offense of the group, as well as the comic's Mary Sue. She and Fighter were the only two characters to survive the attack of the Deformed Pac-Dragon.
CHARACTER FLAW: Severe nymphomania. Back to the top.
Wizard is the arcane caster of the group, and is the main magical offense. He is a severe drug addict. It is unknown how he manages to prepare spells, or even learn them in the first place, due to his dependence on drugs.
CHARACTER FLAW: His SEVERE drug addiction. Back to the top.
Ranger is the ranged attacker of the group. Despite rumors to the contrary, he is not an elf. He tends to have bad luck.
CHARACTER FLAW: Due to his (actually his player's) bad luck, he always critically fails whenever he tries to shoot something. Back to the top.
Cleric is the other divine caster of the group, and is the main healer. He is the only lefty in the comic, so far. When his services are needed, he usually runs around in joy, shouting about it.
CHARACTER FLAW: As stated above, when he is nessecary, he tends to freak out from happiness. This not a good thing when someone needs healing, obviously. Back to the top.
The mysterious DM of the campaign. He always sits with his back to the readers in his spiked chair, and doesn't play a character. His voice is heard from the top of the panels, and, being the DM, is omnipotent, and not above resorting to a deus ex machina to keep at least one character alive, or kill off all but one. Back to the top.
The Deformed Pac-Dragon was the first enemy our heroes had to fight, and, as the narrator states, kills most of them before the comic starts. It was deus ex machina'd to death by the DM, after he accidentally sent it to the land of Milk + Honey along with the party. Back to the top.
From left to right they are the players of: Wizard, Fighter, Cleric, Ninja, Ranger, and Druid. They occasionally comment on what's happening to the characters, but aren't seen too often. Back to the top.
Mana Boy, outside of the comic, was a ridiculously overpowered character in a completely overpowered campaign. In the comic, he's a ridiculously overpowered NPC in an average-power campaign. He, currently, has only spoken one word, that being the name of the doomsday spell used to kill everyone.