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Knights of the Dinner Table: More fun than using the DDR dance pad to play Soul Calibur!
 Updates on Sunday.

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12/20/06: Sorry again... A lot of stuff's been going on lately, and I haven't been able to find time to make the comic, or update the site... Sorry again. :(
11/26/06: That's right, a Sunday update. I'll try and catch up on my backlog before too long... or maybe I'll just restart after we move to the new server...
11/23/06: No, your eyes aren't decieving you. I actually updated! Happy thanksgiving!
10/31/06: Happy Halloween!
10/18/06: Yeah, I know I've been away for a month. I'll try to update when I can, really.
9/17/06: I won't be able to update for a while; I lost internet access on my computer. I'll try to update on other computers when I can.
9/14/06: I made a change to the archives. E-mail me at and tell me what you think. Make sure that you include "KotDT" or something in the subject line.
9/05/06: I'm sure that, by now, everyone has heard the sad news about Setve Irwin. Crikey, but thet buggah will be missed. :'(
9/02/06 Fixed up a bunch of navigation errors.
8/17/06: Added a Characters section. I also made the first two comics smaller, for easier reading.
8/1/06: Some of you (A.K.A. the one person who saw this site) may complain about how I missed yesterday's update. The answer is simple: I updated earlier in the week. Next update is next sunday.
7/30/06: Finally done with the fillers! The first "real" KotDT is up today! Woo!

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