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Master Computer Science


Database Administration and Networking Communication

Specify products Oracle and MSSQL Database Administration


2012: Oracle 11g Database Adminustration, MSSQL 2008 Administration INFRA-SNCF Paris France

2011: Oracle 11g Database Administration SNCF FRANCE

2010: Oracle 10g and MS SQL 2008 Database Administration SNCF FRANCE

2009: MS SQL 2005 and MS SQL Database Administration support Level-3 SNCF FRANCE

2008: MySQL Database Administration Programmation IMMO SALZBURG

2006: Oracle XE Database Administration, Programming IMMO SALZBURG

2005: Microsoft SQL and MS Access Implementation IMMO SALZBURG

2004: Microsoft SQL and MS Acces Administration IMMO SALZBURG

2001: Technical Computer Hardware support Level-3 IMMO SALZBURG

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