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Past Activities

IWRM Conference

The Karnataka Environmental Research Foundation (KERF), a non-profit and non-government organization established in the year 1996, to raise public awareness concerning the seriousness of the environmental problems of Karnataka. The founder of KERF, Dr. C. Rajasekara Murthy, is Canadian Environmental Scientist of International repute and a native of Bangalore. He took special interest and initiative in establishing KERF with the help of committed group of engineers and scientists from Karnataka. The objectives and activities of the Foundation have been focused towards developing scientific, technological and practical solutions to environmental problems and also towards developing a long term plan of action in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka and its agencies responsible for environmental protection. Karnataka in general and Bangalore in particular is currently going through unprecedented technological and economic growth in many fronts and as a consequence experiencing serious environmental problems such as air and water pollution, solid waste and soil pollution and excessive noise levels. In Bangalore social, economic and environmental problems have spiraled as transport, water supply, communications, energy production, and health and sanitation have dismally failed to keep pace with rapid urban expansion.Economic development and environmental management must go hand in hand in order to accomplish sustainable development of natural resources in Karnataka and Bangalore. The Karnataka Environment Research Foundation embraces the fundamental fact that the economic development must continue vigorously while seeking scientific and technological solutions for emerging ecological and environmental problems that inevitably arise. Long term plan to check and if possible to reverse the present unacceptable pollution levels in the city of Bangalore is essential. KERF Bangalore is working collaboratively with several governments, non-government, academic and industrial organizations to improve and preserve ecology and environment in Karnataka and Bangalore based on sound science and technologies

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