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Bluegrass State of Mind


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Free Read - Nothing To Hide

I've decided to post a few chapters of my yet unpublished story Nothing To Hide. Yes, I know. If I put something on the web it's considered being published. But this is more about feedback and exposure, so let me know what you think. I personally love this story and it's not my fault the line who originally requested it changed guidelines 3 days after I submitted it.
Sorry. You really don't want to get me started.

Here's Chapter One


A day in the life of eternally stressed. Or what most of you may refer to as the day in the life of a romance writer. Believe me, there isn't a lot of difference.

This is the journey of my latest request Bluegrass State Of Mind. Requested by Harlequin American Romance. You can follow along with the ups and downs as I try once again to write a story someone besides me wants to read.

Here is a brief description of the story.

Most of the time Ryan Sawyer is a local handyman helping the residents of Crystal Falls with repairs big and small, but on the weekends his passion for bluegrass music shines. Six years ago he started his own band, and he enjoys traveling around the state of Kentucky playing various festivals, community events, and even the occasional backyard barbeque. But despite his full life something is still missing, and he can’t figure out what.

For over forty years the Snow family has run the Down River Inn. Brittany loved the Inn, her family, and the wonderful people of Crystal Falls, but surely there’s more to life. A few years ago she had passed up the opportunity to attend a university on the east coast after her grandfather has suffered a stroke. She didn’t regret staying behind because her family needed her, but now she wants to do something for herself. But Brittany’s plans soon go awry when her brother’s wife is set to give birth to sextuplets. Brittany’s family wastes no time putting together a fund raiser to help offset medical expenses, and once again Brittany’s plans may be in jeopardy as her sister in law will need Brittany’s help to care for the infants after they’re born.

Today is March 18th. I wrote 1,739 words today. Horrible, lame words. But first drafts are always horrible. Ask any writer they'll tell you.

I'm a little concerned about this one as it's a bit more plot heavy than I'm used to dealing with. (How bad does that sound? A writer? Struggling with a plot? What?) Seriously though romance is about well, romance. And that's where I usually shine. For me I'm all about the romance, and whatever else is going on in the story is very secondary. This time the plot is what's speaking to me, and it's a little weird. But I'm going with it.

I'm dealing with three plot issues. Multiple births, hosting a benefit, and college admissions. Here are some of the web pages I'm using for reference.

A source for multiple births

An article about a family who had sextuplets

Some stuff about Bluegrass bands

A list of Bed and Breakfast type Inns in Kentucky

These aren't all my resource pages, but it gives you an idea of what I'm looking for. Later I will post some of the questions I'm researching, and some things about the decision process as I move through the story. I'll post these things on my blog so if you chose to interact you can, if you rather remain silent that's fine, too.

So feel free to check my blog for more details, and I hope you'll stick around to join in the madness with me. :)

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